Launch of NULS 2.0 Alpha v2.0

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NULS Community Members:

Since NULS 2.0 Alpha v1.0 on March 28, internal testing has continued. The release of NULS2.0 Alpha v1.0 was the first step to implement the micro-services architecture on blockchain. We are pleased to inform you that the NULS technical team will release NULS 2.0, Alpha v2.0 at 18:00 (GMT+8) on April 16th (UTC+8). NULSTAR underlying framework (Click on the hyperlink to see NULSTAR details)was integrated into this version. This is an important step in the preemptive layout of the underlying framework of the blockchain. In addition, Alpha v2.0 also fixed bugs and optimized the performance.

To participate in this Alpha v2.0 internal test, you need to re-download the Linux client and complete the relevant operations according to the following tutorial. In addition, the test coins in Alpha v1.0 will continue to be used in Alpha v2.0. Please remember to backup the private key.

For the NULS 1.0 test network, the proposal (NCG20190118) by Nodeforge provides test nodes a reward for participation. Beginning with the Alpha v3.0, the proposer, Nodeforge, will transfer 50% of the NULS 1.0 test network rewards to NULS 2.0 internal test to encourage the community to build nodes on the NULS 2.0 test network.

  • Access NULSTAR (distributed cross-language micro-service governance platform) to achieve centralized management of module status, module interface gateway, and module version update management.
  • Fix the bugs found in each module during the Alpha v1.0 internal test and optimize them.

Block Module
1. Optimize block broadcast logic.
2. Optimize the block save logic.

Network Module
1. Optimize the message memory cache.

Account Module
1. Optimize the storage structure to separate the accounting confirmation status from the unconfirmed status structure.
2. Optimize the efficiency of package verification and ledger storage.

Smart Contract Module
1. Optimize the efficiency of contract execution.
2. Modify the type of contract transaction.
3. Enhance the contract transaction validator.
4. Fix the problem: contract result of the failed execution is not saved.
5. Fix the problem: contract transaction rollback failure.

1. Packing logic modification.
2. Round initialization modification.
3. Block rollback modification.

Trading Module
1. Packaging logic refactoring.
2. Add a new transaction processing flow within the node.
3. Optimize transaction packaging, verify and save performance.

Command Line
1. Add query function for node details.
2. The password can be reset by importing the account with a private key.


The NULS2.0 Alpha v2.0 is the internal-testing release, and there is still much left to be improved and instability is a possibility. We have invited select developers and partners at home and abroad to jointly carry out the tests. The NULS core team aims for a robust, comprehensive self-testing to ensure the security and stability of NULS2.0 after its official launch.

This closed test only provides the Linux version. A certain number of domestic and foreign developers and partners will be invited to participate in this internal test. (It will be better if the developer knows Linux) To better ensure feedback and cooperation during the internal test, we have created a special telegram group and WeChat group. Please join the group in advance to obtain timely information during the internal test. For the NULS 2.0 test coins, we will measure the number of test coins issued based on the contributions made to GitHub.

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