Launch of NULS 2.0 Alpha v3.0: Cross-Chain Function Enabled

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NULS Community Members:

Since NULS 2.0 Alpha v1.0 on March 28 and NULS 2.0 Alpha v2.0 on April 16, internal testing has continued. NULS has taken the first step to implement the micro-services architecture, with a preemptive layout of the underlying framework of the blockchain. We are pleased to inform you that NULS 2.0 Alpha v3.0 will be released by the NULS technical team at 15:00 on May16th (GMT+8). This version implements the cross-chain functionality, marking an important step for NULS to become a blockchain-based platform for value chain-crossing.

To participate in this Alpha v3.0 internal test, you need to re-download the Linux client and complete the relevant operations according to the following tutorial. In addition, the test coins in Alpha v1.0/ v2.0 will continue to be used in Alpha v3.0. Please remember to backup the private key.

For the NULS 1.0 test network, the proposal (NCG20190118) by NodeForge provides test nodes a reward for participation. Beginning with the Alpha v3.0, the proposer, NodeForge, will allocate 50% of the NULS 1.0 test network rewards to NULS 2.0 internal test to encourage the community to build nodes on the NULS 2.0 test network.

Update Log of NULS2.0 Alpha v3.0

  • The first contract consensus function and the smart contract module supports consensus-related operations. Joining consensus through the development of smart contracts, and distributing the node rewards generated by consensus is an important role in node and community governance, and multi-party cooperation.
  • Added smart protocol upgrade function and addition of the protocol upgrade module implements the upgrade agreement of smart consensus to automatically take effect after reaching a consensus.
  • The NULS 2.0 wallet will be released and tested internally, including web wallet, light wallet, and Node CLI. NULS 2.0 separates the wallet from the node program which is more flexible. General users can use it without needing to sync blocks.

Testing Content

The importance of the cross-chain transaction to blockchain technology is self-evident. NULS has focused on chain-building and cross-chain since its beginning. The NULS cross-chain function has been successfully implemented in this test version. We welcome global developers to join the testing.

The technical team provides two parallel chains: NBTC and NETH, and users can link these two chains to send cross-chain transactions to each other, transfer assets across the chains, and experience full cross-chain functionality.

Test Environment Preparation

Test Steps


The NULS 2.0 Alpha v3.0 is the internal-testing release, and there is still much left to be improved and instability is a possibility. We have invited select developers and partners at home and abroad to jointly carry out the tests. The NULS core team aims for a robust, comprehensive self-testing to ensure the security and stability of NULS 2.0 after its official launch.

Test Invitation

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