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Launch Of The New NULS Web Wallet!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the new NULS web wallet!

You can access it here at >

With the web wallet version, it is no longer necessary to synchronize all block data, which means speedier access.

Your private key will be encrypted and stored on your local device, which makes it secure.

Outside of the function of creating consensus nodes, the NULS web wallet has all the key functions of a regular wallet including creating/importing accounts, transferring, staking/unstaking and so on. It is accessible and easy to use.

Please note:

As we prioritize user experience and network stability and security, this is still a preview edition. While you can use the wallet normally, there may still be the odd minor issue, which we appreciate your feedback on. Once testing is complete, we will launch the full edition.

Functions of NULS web wallet v0.9.0 (Preview Edition)

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Web Wallet Screen Shot

To learn more about the web wallet and how to use it, just click the question mark (?) icon on the top right of the screen when you enter.

Your NULS team.

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