Launch of the NULS main-net v1.2.1

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Dear Members:
We launched the NULS main-net wallet v1.2.1 at 15:00 on April 25th, 2019(GMT+8). Because this upgrade does not involve with a new protocol, this version is not forced to be upgraded, which not affect the use of the client wallet if not upgrade this time. Please actively update the new wallet to experience the new features and give us feedback. Thanks for your support!

Update log

  • Change the seed node in the configuration file to the domain name.
  • Improve the experience of importing accounts. It displays the account balance for the first time of importing the account, but the cost operation can not be performed until all transactions are completed after scanning.
  • Fixed the problem that was found in the test that affected the stability of the network.

Update Steps:

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Update Precautions:

  • If the latest wallet version displayed by your old client is not v1.2.0, you need to turn to the official download channel above to download the new version and update it.
  • For node operators, after downloading the new version and completing the update, please start the new wallet after you stop running the old version. Do not run two wallets at the same time.

Your NULS team.

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