Launch of the NULS main-net wallet v1.1.4 Bugfix

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Dear Members:

In order to improve the operational efficiency and user experience of our wallet, we have launched the NULS main-net wallet v1.1.4 at 14:30 on Nov 23, 2018 (GMT+8). This version fixes the issue that the consensus node will have a decrease in the credit value under certain probability. It is not a mandatory update. If the node does not have credit decrease after upgrading to the v1.1.3, you can choose not to update.

The main-net protocol upgrade is in progress. As of 14:40 on Nov 23 (GMT+8), the percentage of consensus nodes with upgraded wallets (v1.1.3 & v1.1.4) has reached 87%, and the main-net will switch to the new protocol after the percentage reaches 90% and the height of the main-net increases another 30,000 blocks. Then, the main-net can broadcast new transaction types (multi-account transfers, multi-signature transactions, smart contracts, etc.), please stay tuned!

After the NULS main-net is upgraded successfully, if there are still nodes which haven’t adopted the new protocol, they won’t be able to synchronize and get new blocks. All users will have to upgrade, and please download the new version and upgrade in time for the safety of your assets.

Update Steps

You can upgrade online through the old version of the main-net wallet, or you can download on GitHub or on our website .

Update Precautions

After the wallet upgrade is completed, please press Ctrl+F5 to force the refresh on the page to use the new version function normally.

If the latest wallet version displayed by your old client is not v1.1.4, you need to turn to the official download channel above to download the new version and update it.

After downloading the new version and completing the update, please start the new wallet after you stop running the old version. Do not run two wallets at the same time.

Precautions for Creating a Consensus Node

When creating a consensus node, the account responsible for packaging blocks cannot set a password, which will cause the packaging failure, resulting in lower credit value.

According to the rule, there can only be one account responsible for packaging blocks in a wallet. If multiple block-forging accounts are imported, only one of them can successfully produce blocks, and other accounts will not be able to produce, resulting in lower credit value.

The consensus node is to maintain the security and stability of the NULS network, so please do not import a single block-forging account in more than two wallets at the same time. This will cause the account to package multiple blocks in each round, resulting in forking and affecting other consensus nodes. For this kind of account, there will be a penalty after the protocol upgrade is completed.

Penalty rules: If a block-forging account produces multiple blocks for three consecutive rounds, it will be given a red card penalty. The margin of the consensus node will be locked for 2 months and the account will be banned from participating in the consensus forever.

Thanks for your continued support!

Your NULS team

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Right now in Sydney, Australia, Omar and Moshe arrived just a bit early for the Blockathon…Try to find the NULS CCC banner!

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