Launch of the NULS test-net v1.0.2-beta: a long-term effective test environment is now in place!

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Dear Members:

On September 28th, 2018, the NULS main-net v1.1.0 was launched. However, during the operation of the main-net it was spotted that there was a problem with the block rollback processing logic after the fork occurred, resulting in failing to roll back or forge blocks correctly after rollback, which has a significant impact on some users of the wallet. After the in-depth study with consideration of advice from the community, the technical team decided to deploy a long-term effective test environment and grant the community access for public beta. In the future, every new version of the network will be deployed on this test environment for public beta first, and then be officially launched. The test environment will also deploy two related products, namely blockchain explorer and web wallet, to maintain its consistency with the main-net.

Launch Time: 16:00 on Oct 10th, 2018 (GMT+8)

Note: v1.0.2 is the latest version on the current NULS main-net, so we will launch it on the test-net first. After a period of stable operation and sufficient data output on the chain, we will conduct the public beta on the v1.1.2-beta. When passing the public beta, we will launch v1.1.2 on the main-net. Therefore, after the v1.0.2-beta is launched, we hope that users can actively participate, and send feedback to the team. The team will also actively respond.


1. Download the latest version of wallet on Github HERE;

2. Unzip the files to your local directory;

3. Stop previous versions of the test-net wallet;

4. Start the test-net wallet v1.0.2-beta.

How to Get Test Tokens:

1. Go to the test-net web wallet page:;

2. Click the [testnet NULS] button at the top to enter the application page;

3. Fill in your test-net wallet address in the box, click Apply, and test tokens will be transferred to your account.

The first 100 addresses will each get 30,000 NULS test tokens, and 5,000 test tokens for each address afterwards. If you need more tokens to do the test, please go to the community forum to apply: HERE

Note: This test environment will be active for a long period of time, so test tokens are long-term effective. The NULS team is unable to give out test tokens freely, so please keep your test-net private key safe to avoid losing any test tokens. Please keep in mind that the NULS test tokens are used only for testing, thus having no extra value elsewhere.

Thanks for your continued support!

Your NULS team

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