Launch of the NULS test-net v1.1.2-beta:now supporting Smart Contracts and participating in the test can be rewarded!

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Dear Members:

NULS test-net v1.1.2-beta was launched at 16:00 on Oct 15th (GMT+8). This version supports multi-account transfers, multi-asset transactions and functions to exchange small change. Meanwhile, the smart contracts were also launched to the test-net. NULS test environment is long-term effective, and every new version of main-net will be deployed on the test environment for public beta first, and then be officially launched. This test environment is more conducive for upgrading the main-net and providing you with a more secure and stable main-net environment.

If you’re already using the test-net wallet v1.0.2-beta, it’ll be an online update. Or download the new version on GitHub: HERE

As a bridge between technology and applications, NULS attaches great importance to this time’s test-net version update. At the same time, we’re launching Season 1 of our Developer Incentives Program, inviting everyone to conduct testing on smart contracts and get all the bugs! Check it out:

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Thanks for your continued support!

Your NULS team

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