Launch of the NULS Test-Net v1.1.7-beta2

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Dear Community Members:

NULS test network v1.1.7-beta2 was launched at 11:00 on Jan 31th, 2019 (GMT+8). And test network protocol will be upgraded. When the proportion of running the new version of the wallet by the consensus block nodes is 90%, as well as the test-net block height is increased by another 30,000 blocks, the new protocols will be switched. At that time, the underlying of the test network will support the random number function. Maintaining a long-term and effective testing environment is of great significance to the entire NULS network ecosystem. Please actively participate in the testing of the test network and give us feedback!

About Random Number:

As DAPP becomes more and more popular with developers, more and more DAPPs are running on block chains. Inevitably, some problems emerge. For example, in many lottery, game, lottery, and password application projects, although they flaunt their de-centralization characteristics, but is it really safe, fair and not 100% guarantee? The core problem is the de-centralized random number problem. At present, most of them are used in DAPP of random number. The random number used can not guarantee fairness, but also can not allow hackers to predict the random results in advance according to the random process. For this reason, most members of the NULS core team, after studying and discussing, hope to add a mechanism in the NULS consensus to solve the problem of seed generation of decentralized random numbers.

NULS adopts POC consensus mechanism. Nodes participating in the consensus are continuously participating in the block (network maintenance) on the premise of meeting the conditions, and most of the nodes participating in the block are honest and credible. We can use this advantage to develop a random seed generation mechanism to serve the DAPP built on NULS. This random seed needs to satisfy the randomness and unpredictability to ensure fairness and prevent hackers from predicting or controlling random results in advance according to the random process.

Update Steps:

1. You can upgrade online through the old version of the test-net wallet by visiting the settings tab and clicking Auto update, or you can download the latest version of wallet on GitHub HERE.

2. Unzip the files to your local directory;

3. Stop previous versions of the test-net wallet;

4. Start the test-net wallet v1.1.7-beta2;

How to Get Test Tokens:

1. Go to the test-net web wallet page:;

2. Click the [testnet NULS] button at the top to enter the application page;

3. Fill in your test-net wallet address in the box, click Apply, and test tokens will be transferred to your account.

Currently, each address can get 5,000 test tokens. If you need more tokens to do the test, please go to the community forum to apply: HERE

Note: This test environment will be active for a long period of time, so test tokens are long-term effective. The NULS team is unable to give out test tokens freely, so please keep your test-net private key safe to avoid losing any test tokens. Please keep in mind that the NULS test tokens are used only for testing, thus have no extra value elsewhere.

Thank you for your continued support!

Your NULS Team

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