Please Welcome NULS New NTC Team Member — Nancy Schorr, Python Developer

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Exciting news! We now have a Silicon-Valley, US/Western Region Python Developer — Nancy Schorr!

Nancy is a skilled Python developer with a background in Java, Perl, SQL, C, Javascript, etc. Her other areas of expertise include editing, website development, QA, and automation. Her years at Apple and Sun Microsystems have contributed to her software insights.

As a tools developer and QA lead in the Java group at Sun, Nancy experienced many aspects of shipping a gigantic widely used software system. Her many years working as a performance engineer gave her an understanding of tools and methods available to help speed up code. Her work as an Oracle DBA and web engineer have given her insight into what customers expect.

Nancy will leverage her skills to help get Nuls more widely accepted in the West.

Nancy’s LinkedIn Page: HERE

Her telegram id is @Nancy_sv.

Github: GITHUB

Most recently, Nancy wrote Python Scrapy web spider for City Scrapers/City Bureau — a non-profit civic journalism lab that puts public meeting times on one central website to make meetings easy to access, and so democracy can function. She recently wrote a program in Python called LinkCheck that checks websites for broken links. Before that — Nancy was a technical co-lead for Google Apps at Promatch in Sunnyvale, CA.

1. What do you think about the NULS project?

Nancy: I first looked at Nuls because it is Java-based, open-source, and very original. I could see that a Java coder could not only write a smart-contract — but could also write new modules to plug into this system. When I participated in the Hackathon last fall — I got to see up close that was it was doable.

In looking at the Java and Bash source — I realized how much focused, organized work had gone into the Nuls libraries. I could tell that the programmers were very skilled and knew what they were doing. I think it’s an excellent base to build on, and a great example of blockchain for Java students.

2. Why did you join the NULS team?

Nancy: I want to work with people who know what they’re doing while using cutting-edge tools and methods. I enjoy the openness expressed around Nuls, the global community atmosphere, and the wide variety of projects under one roof. I’m delighted that many of my skills - including Python and working with servers around the globe — can be put to good use.

3. What is your plan after taking the position as Python Developer?

Nancy: I intend to complete my Nuls Python library project developers will use with Nulstar. My framework makes it easy for Python programmers to interact with any Nuls-based blockchain. It includes a Python-based client app that serializes and pitches JSON-formatted requests to Nulstar. Nulstar forwards them to the appropriate module, and returns the response to the client.

Both Berzeck and Kathy have technical projects I would like to help with, including creating online, cloud venues for customers.

4. Anything else that you would like to share with the community?

Nancy: It’s hard to believe a loosely organized open-source, international group of people have this giant code-base not only working, but available for everyone. The transactions, encryption, data flow etc. are all sturdy and functional. I very much appreciate all the work that everyone has done to get this far. I really hope I’m able to help expand the use of this amazing code-base worldwide.

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