Let’s welcome the NULS US Regional Director — David Wasson!

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Exciting news! We now have an American Regional Director, David Wasson!

David is skilled operations and business development executive working with and founding multiple emerging technology companies as well as large, established companies with EBITDA responsibility. David’s experience includes leadership roles with Raytheon, Oracle, IDG, RCM and DXC Technology.

Most recently, with LifeChain Technologies, David has led the consulting services business in the blockchain technology space with dApps entities, smart contract platforms, venture investors, incubators and consulting firms. David will leverage his business and technology expertise to expand NULS presence with partners, investors and community members in the USA.

David’s LinkedIn Page: HERE

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David Wasson, NULS US Regional Director

Q & A:

1. What do you think about the NULS project?

David: I believe that many businesses today are reluctant to consider blockchain technology because of a perception that it is overly complex, rigid and cost prohibitive to deploy. The NULS project simplifies an organization’s ability to quickly build a fit-for-purpose blockchain with little development cost. It is also clear to me that NULS project development team and community are a highly talented group of individuals who are committed to creating an open source platform that is easy to use, flexible and promotes wider adoption.

2. Why did you join the NULS team?

David: I originally became aware of the NULS project in late 2017 and began investing in the project in February 2018. What attracted me to the project was the concept of a decentralized platform that was highly modular and provides ease of entry for all types of organizations to development their applications. What finalized my decision to join NULS was the team’s culture of openness, their commitment to the community and their desire to build a truly open source platform that they are proud of.

3. What is your plan after taking the position as the NULS USA Regional Director?

David: The first immediate aspect of the USA plan is to focus on marketing to get the word out in the USA about the unique benefit of the NULS platform. I believe that potential partners, investors and the community in the USA have been waiting for NULS to expand their presence here and that there is pent-up demand to engage with us. Other equally important aspects of the immediate plan include actively recruiting community developers and identifying high quality projects to join the NULS ecosystem.

4. Anything else that you would like to share with the community?

David: I have only been on board with NULS for a short time, but I can absolutely say that as I get to know the team and community on a deeper level I am constantly discovering new reasons to become more excited and bullish on NULS.

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