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NULS 5th anniversary NFT staking guide

How to stake NULS 5th anniversary NFTs on Ivy Market to earn NULS?

Step 1

Download Nabox wallet at

The anniversary NFTs and its staking pool are deployed on NULS blockchain, so you need to download a wallet that supports NULS to start.

Step 2

Enter the Ivy Market website and Connect to Nabox Wallet.

On the Ivy Market page, click on the button named BSC in the top banner bar and switch to Nuls chain to start trading and staking NFTs on the NULS chain at Ivy Market.

Step 3

How to stake NFTs to earn NULS?

  1. Click on the button named Stake in the top banner bar and then select the NFT project in the ongoing state.

2. Use the Filter on the left to view your NFT. Click the button name Stake to stake your NFT, then you can see the NFT status has changed to staked

Tips:NFTs that have been staked can still be sold and transferred, but they will lose the benefits of the stake.

Step 4

Check Your Stake & Cancel Stake

  1. Click the icon in the upper right corner and select My Stake to view your stake.

2. Click the UnStake button to cancel the stake.


  1. Once unstake during the staking period, all benefits will be lost.
  2. If you sell or transfer the staked NFT during the staking period, the staking income will also be lost.

Congratulations, you have now learned how to stake! Happy staking!

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