March 19, 2019: Welcome to the NULS Bi-Monthly Progress Update: NULS White Paper v2.0 Published

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It’s that time again. What has the team been doing in the first half of March 2019? Let’s check it out together!

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1. Main Network

  • The NULS main-net v1.2.0 has been launched. Many game and application development partners begin to use the random number mechanism for dApp design and development.

2. Blockchain Explorer

  • The new blockchain explorer ( has been launched to the main network and will continue to collect and handle issues.

3. White Paper v2.0

  • The white paper v2.0 has been officially released after the revision.

4. NULS 2.0-alpha

  • The NULS 2.0-alpha continues to be tested internally and part of NULS 2.0-related tools and documents have been improved.

5. Test Network

  • The main-net wallet v1.2.1-beta is in preparation, with discovered issues being fixed.
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  • Berzeck and Ray continue to integrate Nulstar and NULS2.0 modules and develop Nulstar’s logging framework at the same time.
  • Angel fixes some bugs in Telegram bot.
  • Josh and Angel are preparing for the development of Metamask, a Chrome browser plug-in wallet.
  • Together with CCC, the team creates a new Task list to prioritize next-stage technical and product tasks.
  • NULS CCC member Angel will attend the NULS smart contracts workshop held in Madrid, Spain on March 21.
  • NULS CCC member Moshe will participate in Blockchain developer workshop in Paris, France on March 23 to exchange and compete with other participants.
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  • NULS Ambassador’s election in the second quarter of 2019 has started and the voting is underway. The voting link for this campaign>HERE
  • The NULS white paper v2.0 has been released on March 13, opening a new chapter for NULS. We believe that the community development path that can constantly motivate novel insights is a major feature that distinguishes blockchain projects from other commercial projects. It is inevitable to have continuous iteration and innovation in the development of open source projects, which is also the charm of blockchain. The NULS white paper v2.0 shows a brand new picture of NULS and begins a new chapter. Learn more >>
  • Niels, product development director of the NULS core technical team, was invited to attend the fifth open class of COINVOICE with the theme of “what is the random number mechanism on the bottom level of public chains for dApps” on March 13. Learn more >>
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  • On March 14, “Chain Factory” & “Cross Chain” micro video was released, which highlights the core features of the NULS white paper v2.0.
  • At 20:00 on March 14, NULS and Huobi Chat jointly held the NULS community special sharing session, where Ken Huang, a well-known blockchain expert and NULS technical advisor shared the industry focus amid the great enthusiasm of the community.
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  • On March 16, three candidates campaigned for the NULS Chinese community ambassador’s election via live broadcast.
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  • 1000 NULS bounty for IOS-SDK development
  • We have created individual Telegram channels for two new partners who will participate in NULS v2.0 alpha1 test environment. Token Network and PeerX are engaged with some of our CCC members in those channels to familiarize them with NULS so they will be better prepared for the upcoming v2.0 alpha1 test environment.
  • We are organizing are second Developers Workshop in San Jose which will focus on NULS smart contracts module. We are planning the event for the second week of April.
  • NULS Singapore Ambassador Ang KangWei held the giveaway event for NULS ASIA, welcoming community members to participate. >HERE
  • Community member He Boxin shared the theme of value investing in the 10th NULS air class.
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  • NULS is listed on Australian exchange Cointree!

According to Cointree’s official announcement, the Australian exchange Cointree has officially launched NULS and supports NULS/AUD trading pair. Cointree offers a variety of payment methods, and the transaction fee is reasonable. It is one of the optional trading platforms for buying, selling and trading NULS. Learn more >>

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  • Decentralized exchange GDEX has listed NULS

According to GDEX’s official announcement, GDEX has formally launched GDEX.NULS. Users can deposit, withdraw and trade in GDEX website, GDEX APP, MagicWallet and Bitshare website.

  • The well-known YouTube channel CryptosRUs conducted a late-night Q&A on three outstanding projects, and analyzed the recent market of NULS, indicating that the current market continued to climb with positive performance. (It is on behalf of the blogger’s personal opinion only and does not constitute investment advice.)

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