March 7, 2019: Welcome to the NULS Bi-Monthly Progress Update: NULS Holds it’s First Silicon Valley Developers Workshop

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What’s the latest news in the second half of February 2019? Let’s find out together!

1. Test Network

  • The NULS test-net v1.2.0-beta2 and v1.2.0-beta3 have been launched, optimizing the underlying protocol and smart contract protocol.

2. Main Network

  • The NULS main-net v1.2.0 has been launched. The new release features several new features and optimizations, including random number mechanism and is a recommended upgrade version. At 10:23:49 on March 6th, 2019 (block height 2037283), with the joint efforts of the NULS main-net consensus node and all NULS community members, the main network successfully switched to the new protocol after the percentage reached 90% and the height of the main-net increased another 30,000 blocks. Now the bottom layer of the NULS consensus mechanism supports the random number seed generation.

3. Blockchain Explorer

4. White Paper v2.0

  • The white paper v2.0 has been proofread and will be released soon.

5. NULS 2.0

  • We have started the first NULS 2.0 alpha, and sped up the development and testing, and have begun to improve the tools and documentation related to NULS 2.0.

CCC Progress

  • Berzeck has completed the development of the Nulstar basic functionality and is ready to start some alpha testes with the core team. The basic components ready for testing include basic service library, manager, controller, and connector. >Detailed report
  • Naveen has been working on integrating NULS to General Bytes Bitcoin ATM (a machine allowing people to take out their digital currencies and a new, simple, and easy-to-use method to withdraw blockchain assets). Code changes have been completed and pull-request has been submitted to BATM repository and being reviewed now. >Detailed report
  • Josh updated the CCC’s operational guidance and gave advice on the white paper. Due to the technical selection, as a suggestion provider, he does not participate in the development of the official website project, and is assisting Angel to improve the nuls-js SDK documentation and testing.
  • Claudio’s work now shifts back to the design of the mobile wallet and the Aleph project. >Detailed report
  • Moshe fixed some issues of, and updated and optimized the NYTRO wallet. >Detailed report
  • Angel completed the update of the nuls-js SDK documentation and fixed some issues of the lottery DAPP after deploying it on test network.> Detailed report
  • Edward continued to debug the account module. >Detailed report
  • Ray completed NULS 2.0 Modules startup integration test on Windows/Linux target.> Detailed report

Business & Community Events

  • On February 20th, Lin Yang, NULS core developer, participated in the NULS Air Class in the WeChat group of NULS Chinese community. Learn more >>
  • On the morning of Feb 20th, US local time, David, Regional Director in the USA, successfully held the first Silicon Valley Developer Workshop, which further improved the construction of NULS overseas community. Learn more >>
  • On February 21st, NULS CEO Liesa joined Yuzhu in a live interaction to discuss the community autonomy. Learn more >>
  • NULS ranked the 7th place in CCID’s 10th issue of Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment. China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID), under the Country’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, announced the Center’s 10th update of its Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index (GPBTAI) on February 26, 2019. NULS still tops the list and ranked 7th place.
  • NULS is listed on Australian exchange Cointree!

According to Cointree’s official announcement, the Australian exchange Cointree has officially launched NULS and supports NULS/AUD trading pair. Cointree offers a variety of payment methods, and the transaction fee is reasonable. It is one of the optional trading platforms for buying, selling and trading NULS.

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