More Crypto Games Coming to NULS Blockchain

We are very pleased to announce our partnership with
(AKA Cyclops Game).

A hybrid DeFi project, Cyclops develops highly customizable blockchain solutions for gaming. Cyclops combines the concepts of DeFi yield farming and asset identity representation through NFTs. The result is a scalable gaming platform on which developers can use to write blockchain-based games.

Up until now, this game building resource was only on the Ethereum blockchain. Soon this toolset will be available on NULS and NerveNetwork. Cyclops will develop its blockchain gaming solutions on the NULS blockchain. Cross-chain integration with NerveNetwork is in the pipeline.

Set Apart from Other DeFis

Cyclops Treasure combines gaming, yield farming, and non-fungible tokens (NFT) into games and puzzles. Each game level is a treasure hunt adventure with actual treasures. These are the long-lost treasures of the Cyclops brothers and could be yours at completion.

Cyclops Treasure (CYRT) is an NFT with a max supply of only 1000. On CoinMarketCap, CYRT was valued at over $200 USD in early December 2020.

Game Plan

Dare you enter the Cyclops brothers’ caves where treasures lie in ruin?

Cyclops Treasure via blockchain offers secure buying and selling of in-game assets. Users purchase gaming weapons, gadgets, pets, creatures, passages, locks, and rent superheroes. The tokens unlock different levels of the puzzle or game while hunting. NFT owners continue earning rewards by staking NFT on the platform.

Being on a blockchain is thought to prevent hacks and fraud, which are more likely on centralized servers.

Newzoo, the leader in market intelligence for global games, has forecast the games market for 2020 to be $174.9 billion. They believe the market will grow to $217.9 billion in 2023.

Blockchain Essential for Gaming

NULS and Nerve continue to maximize blockchain use via dapps in finance and gaming. One significant feature of NULS/Nerve is the platform’s cross-chain interoperability, which connects various blockchains and industries.

Combining these Features with Cyclops Finance we will take NFT Gaming to another level, driving and opening a set of unique DeFi solutions on the market.

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