NABOX Tutorial For Android

The NULS Wallet for Android

Creation, backup, and exploration.

1. Create Wallet

  • Download the Nabox Android App from the Google Play Store.
  • Agree to Install.
  • Choose your language and currency. For English choose EN/USD.
  • Accept permissions request.
  • On the next screen you will find options to CREATE or IMPORT a portfolio.

The IMPORT option is for those who want to use the same wallet on their cell phone and on their computer. You may also want to restore an existing wallet. This will be discussed in more detail later.

  • Name the wallet, set a password and confirm. You must check the box to agree with the privacy policy.

Then choose a theme. Five color options are available to personalize the wallet.

2. Backup Wallet

In the next screen, choose the backup option for the wallet. The first is KEYSTORE, where a file containing the ‘DNA Hash’ of the wallet is generated and stored. The second option, PRIVATE KEY, shows an alphanumeric code with the same importance as the KEYSTORE.

As soon as you choose the desired backup option and save the keystore file or copy the private key, the first backup of the portfolio is complete.

  • Backup wallets periodically.

It is always a good idea to make a periodic backup of the NABOX wallet.

  • In the main app interface, click on MY PROFILE — in the bottom right corner — and then MANAGE WALLETS. The wallet(s) will appear. Click on the desired portfolio and select the backup method. The options are KEYSTORE or PRIVATE KEY.

Your password is required. Save the keystore file or copy the private key the same way as you did when creating the wallet or portfolio. The backup is now complete.

3. Exploring the Portfolio

The import of portfolios is accessed in two ways:

  • In the initial screen when creating a portfolio.
  • Via the main interface.

    Click on MY PROFILE in the lower right corner. Then on MANAGE WALLETS and click on ‘+’ for the IMPORT option to be visible.

NULS Holders can also stake SCO nodes projects and receive the newly generated project tokens via Nabox.

The NABOX portfolio is full of other options and advanced features which makes managing your NULS something easy to do.

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