New NULS Senior Director of Marketing on Board — Please Welcome James Barnes!

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San Jose, CA, the United States — NULS is on the move again with the addition of a high-profile marketing executive coming on board to strategically lead brand marketing in the Americas and Europe.

Joining the NULS US team in San Jose, California, James Barnes has been named Senior Director, Marketing. James has an award-winning background in digital marketing and business development, with an emphasis on cutting edge technology, social engagement and start up organizations. Bringing a tenured background with many different business verticals including finance, entertainment military/defense, software, CPG, analytics, competitive intelligence and large-scale events, he has helped many start-ups strategically grow into brands.

“We couldn’t be happier with the appointment of James to fill this critical marketing role.” says Isaac Kim, NULS Chief Operating Officer. “He has a demonstrated ability to promote emerging technology organizations growth and brand recognition, we are excited to have him join the NULS family.”
James mentioned “I am thrilled to be a part of the NULS team who are creating game changing blockchain technology. We look forward to exposing the attributes of NULS opensource blockchain technology to the world beyond all borders.”

James can be followed @29jamesbarnes on Twitter, connect with him @jamesbarnes29 on WeChat and LinkedIn.

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Q & A:

1. What do you think about the NULS project?

James: From my perspective the NULS project consists of one goal: to help our world use blockchain technology as easily as possible. It appears the perception businesses have today is that blockchain is too complicated. I am here to change this perception and show that this is simple to use, highly efficient in bringing solutions to growing companies in all business verticals. It’s very clear to me that the NULS core technical team is crushing the blockchain space and striving to be THE blockchain enterprise solution in synergy with being a true open-source system.

2. Why did you join the NULS team?

James: I have been monitoring the growth of cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology for about 5 years. I am a tech geek and also closely monitor technology in general, and more specifically the digital disruption of the world as we know it today. In my opinion we will be moving completely digital in the not-so-distant future in all areas of life and business. I have been monitoring several companies very closely for the last two years. NULS Foundation, its core team, and the advanced blockchain technology they continue creating as the premiere company in the space was clear to come into partnership with, and to bring this incredible tech to the world.

3. What is your plan after taking the position as senior director of marketing?

James: To date NULS has kept a low profile in the blockchain space. I want to build on the success of NULS marketing in China and bring awareness of this incredible technology to the Western world. With the advanced product of NULS blockchain, NULS Chain Factory, Smart Contracts and much more coming in the pipeline, we are now ready to expose NULS to the world and beyond. My sole focus — growing our brand presence and engagement in the Western world.

4. Anything else that you would like to share with the NULS community?

James: As I get to know the NULS community, the NULS core team, and its plans for the future development of blockchain tech I find more reasons every single day to be excited! My commitment to this technology and to the NULS community is relentless and I will strive for excellence, growth, community and engagement — and winning — every single day for NULS!

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