NULS 2.0: A Modular Cross-Chain Architecture

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Since its establishment in 2017, NULS has been committed to an open-sourced, simplified, and implementable blockchain. Staying true to the spirit of continuous innovation, the NULS core team has developed an evolutionary modular architecture, NULS 2.0. Our unique blockchain solutions, the “Satellite Chain” and “Chain Factory” are being developed in coordination with this architecture. The NULS 2.0 architecture will play a historical role in creating blockchain business solutions.

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1. Within our NULS ecology, our simplified modular architecture will enable flexibility and scale never seen before in the blockchain industry and hence, lead to widespread growth of our NULS modular ecosystem.

a. Modules are more independent in NULS 2.0; each is composed of a basic blockchain operation framework through a set of standardized basic module interfaces.

b. NULS 2.0 has no programming language limitations. The DApps running on the current architecture are implemented in Java and modularization is achieved only at the coding paradigm level. However, NULS 2.0 will be a complete modular infrastructure enabling increased flexibility. It will allow anyone to make a technical contribution through event-driven communication, so there should be a very minimal language threshold.

c. NULS 2.0 uses the architectural idea of micro-services and the network of NULS will be easier to extend, modify, and replace. Each module should be simple and basic; it should not encompass the overall complexity of traditional blockchain applications. We propose a micro-service architecture of the following standards: modular independence, simple business implementation, multi-language support, modular extendablity, distributed deployment, and hot module replacement.

d. NULS 2.0 includes full participation of the NULS CCC (Code Craft Council) as has existed since the initial design of NULS. We have been an open source project since our establishment; one of the most important goals of NULS 2.0’s simplistic design is to allow NULS CCC easier participation in the development of NULS’ architecture. Overall, we want to promote an atmosphere of equal, synergetic, sharing, fair and innovative. NULS CCC will continue to be a technology community that contributes to the future of blockchain technology.

2. NULS network users will enjoy creative, meaningful modules derived from the NULS 2.0 architecture. Furthermore, the simplified NULS 2.0 solution will accelerate the integration of the physical world and the blockchain.

Since Bitcoin and Ethereum, blockchain has continually innovated. We promise to maintain the integrity of blockchain’s initial purpose while striving for excellence and innovation. Our NULS core team initiated the design of NULS 2.0 with the holistic vision that NULS should encompass flexibility, simplicity, and modularity; the definition and function of each module should stay basic; modules should interact with each other through a modular communication protocol without the limitation of diverse programming languages; the operational process rules of the NULS network, including the cross-module process, should be as clear as possible.

The NULS 2.0 architecture will allow more convenience for future upgrades and it will lower the barrier to entry for innovators all around the world. The foundational layer is clear and simple; however, it is still robust and capable of carrying the innovative ideas proposed by the NULS CCC partners. Therefore, we sincerely hope all individuals and businesses will be inspired to work with us for the enrichment and liberation of the world through NULS 2.0.

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