NULS 2.0 Testnet is releasing Beta3.2 version for Optimized Performance

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Dearest NULS Community Members:

Last week during the Smart Contract performance testing, the team found a number of Consensus nodes that were below the standard configuration. These Consensus nodes were not able to synchronize blocks with contained large amounts of Data. NULS Technical Community, NTC, is releasing a new testnet version that lowers the impact of this issue. You can download Beta3.2 here. Please get the latest wallet version as soon as possible. This a new testnet version combined with the latest wallet will clear up data on the testnet.

It is coming to an end for testing Testnet 2.0. After many tests and updates, NTC is pleased with the network performance and believes that testnet meets all technical standards. NTC would like to acknowledge the strong support you have provided during the testing period. Your feedback and testing has made Testnet better. Your constant building and updating Consensus nodes, and maintaining 100+ consensus nodes in operation, has enabled NTC to create a solid foundation for the release of NULS 2.0 mainnet.

The team would like to especially giving thanks to all community members for their cooperation and partnerships during the entire testing phase.


NULS Technical Team

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