NULS 2.0 Testnet Relaunch and Mobile App Beta Testing

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After the release of NULS 2.0 Beta2, we carried out a NULS testnet rehearsal for the switch from 1.0 to 2.0. In cooperation with the community, we found and fixed all problems that were affecting network stability. In order to fully simulate the entire process when upgrading the mainnet, we will relaunch the NULS 2.0 Version today at 18:00 (UTC+8) (NULS 2.0 Beta3 Link) and restart the NULS 2.0 testnet. The previous NULS 2.0 testnet data will be cleared.

The balance and alias of the NULS 1.0 testnet has been captured via snapshot to the latest NULS 2.0. Testnet users only need to re-download a new wallet from the latest NULS 2.0 version (Download here), then import the NULS 1.0 testnet private key onto NULS 2.0 testnet for normal use.

Please Note:

Because the previous NULS 2.0 testnet data has been cleared, the NULS 1.0 testnet nodes need to be recreated and re-staked.

After the NULS 2.0 testnet achieves stability, we will officially start the mainnet upgrade process. Please stay prepared for the mainnet upgrade announcement.

It is worth mentioning that a mobile app developed by NULS eco-partner NaBox will also start its beta phase. (Android Download Link) Nabox is a wallet-based NULS ecosystem application platform that supports asset management, community management, and DAPP access.

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