NULS 2.0 Update: Over 90% of Mainnet Nodes Have Upgraded

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We are pleased to inform you that with the support from NULS community members, over 90% of mainnet nodes have updated to v 1.3.0. The upgrade process is going smoothly, and on September 12th we expect the launch to be final.

Now that 90% of nodes have upgraded, 30,000 blocks will be created before the network switches to the new protocol. Please be sure that you have backed-up your private key and keystore. After this switch, the mainnet will continue packaging both blocks and transactions for 80,000 more blocks, and then transactions will no longer be packaged, but the block height will continue to increase.

The expected switchover (after 30k) will occur at block height: 3586818 The expected protocol switch time and date: 2019–09–02 13:11:34 (UTC+ 8)

The 1.0 mainnet is expected to stop packaging transactions (after 80k) at block height: 3666818. Expected time and date: 2019–09–11 19:23:54

Once 1.0 mainnet stops packing transactions, we will start NULS 2.0 mainnet within 24 hours (12th Sep 2019) and apply the snapshot of the NULS 1.0 mainnnet balance to the NULS 2.0 mainnet.

Users will need to download the NULS 2.0 wallet and import their private key or keystore from the NULS 1.0 wallet into the NULS 2.0 wallet to obtain the address of their NULS 2.0 account, and their corresponding balance of NULS. Stakers will need to re-stake their NULS into the new 2.0 mainnet nodes.

Please note that your NULS address on 2.0 mainnet is new — you will no longer be able to use your old mainnet address for transactions, withdrawals, etc. and should manage any external accounts accordingly.

Important message for users who hold their NULS on exchange:

The team will contact exchanges in advance before upgrading the network. During this time, some exchanges might stop transfer/transaction services temporarily. Users should pay careful attention to exchange announcement channels, and store their tokens only on exchanges that support the NULS 2.0 upgrade. Users can also transfer their NULS into the NULS 1.0 native wallet BEFORE the NULS 1.0 mainnet stops packing transactions (Block height 3666818).

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