NULS — 3 Factors that trigger a “FOMO”

4 min readAug 5, 2022

FOMO — is an English abbreviation phrase for “Fear of Missing Out,” or ‘Fear of Being Left Out. Fear of missing out is a feeling we have all experienced, including in the crypto world.

It is common to see crazy bumps (value increases and decreases) for crypto assets, often in a short period. “Bumps” can happen for several reasons, such as essential feature launches, significant partnerships, and post-accumulation movement (by big investors, the so-called ‘whales’).

Today, we can say that NULS also has some cards up its sleeve. We will list three driving factors that, once recognized and understood by the market, can produce FOMO and raise the price of the NULS coin to another level.

Let’s imagine NULS is a rocket and each of our driving factors is an engine.

Engine #1: Nulswap

Previously, we have discussed the benefits of Nulswap. After all, Nulswap is not just a DEX like any other, but a platform with AMM and ALP mechanisms whose autonomous system practically provides a kind of ‘liquidity insurance’ in the fight against rug pulls.

In addition, Nulswap also plays a key role in developing the NULS ecosystem as it is the first integrated DeFi project. And it attracts future NULS ecosystem projects to be developed and grown within the platform. Such success has been seen in other networks (like Avalanche, Polygon, and Smart Chain), and we can assume it will happen in the NULS ecosystem.

Several additional factors make Nulswap an excellent solution, such as

  • The possibility of faster and cheaper transactions.
  • Sharing fees with staking token holders.
  • Interoperability between blockchains, and an efficient buyback system built for NULS ecosystem participants.

A quick look at the market capitalization of some similar projects would give us a vision of the project’s potential.

Engine #2: WaterTiger Finance

The main purpose of Defi is to maximize profits. Many projects work to offer mechanisms that “boost user allocations” in a practical and safe way.

This is where WaterTiger Finance comes in — a project that aims to be a leader in yield farming and other staking mechanisms. WaterTiger Finance is committed to increasing DeFi at NULS.

WaterTiger Finance will provide an easy-to-understand and use infrastructure to attract new and experienced users.

Engine #3: Technical Analysis

When investing in a project, a sensible investor uses at least two different analyses.

The first is the fundamental one, reviewing the project’s foundation, such as evaluating the project from creation to its current development status. We’ve noticed that the NULS fundamental analysis is going strong with the updates highlighted above.

The second is Technical Analysis. With respect to NULS, this analysis favors the potential growth of the NULS asset value.

Briefly speaking, we are in a region of intense currency undervaluation.

The chart above outlines the price evolution since the coin entered the Binance exchange. It shows spikes in the $2 region, about 9x the current price.

Given a more favorable market combined with the topics discussed in this article, one can assume that the value of NULS is underestimated.

We are not providing investment tips. We are providing a study based on available information.

One can assume we are in a great time to acquire more NULS, and definitely hold on to what we have.


This article aims to deliver important updates and developments about the NULS project and its relation to an eventual price escalation. We know that when this escalation occurs, it comes at a fantastic speed.

Recall what happened with metaverse-related tokens like SAND and MANA. Once the FOMO button is pressed, there is no halting or turning back.

Be prepared. One does not want to ‘miss the train’ and try to get on the train after it is moving.

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