NULS 5th Anniversary NFT Collection

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This article gives an overall description of the anniversary NFTs, you can also learn how to get these NFTs by purchasing on Ivy Market or participating in the upcoming NFTs giveaways, meanwhile, you will also find out the exact staking guide at the end of the article.

About the anniversary NFT

At the time of our 5th anniversary, we released a set of very special NFTs — NULS 5th anniversary NFT collection to share the joy.

The Anniversary NFTs design involves mainly a head of a bull, and the whole collection consists of 300 different bull’s heads with various expressions, clothing, and accessories. The bull design also represents unstoppable development of the NULS ecosystem. Among the 300 NFTs, 250 NFTs will be sold at the price of 100 NULS on Ivy Market, and the other 50 will be given away as anniversary special gifts.

This is a non-profitable special event, if the 250 anniversary NFTs were sold out, the 25,000 NULS obtained from the sale will be staked on the NULS mainnet and locked. The rights and staking rewards from mainnet will always go to the 300 NFT holders. The NFT staking feature will be activated as soon as IVY Market goes live on NULS blockchain. All anniversary NFT holders will be able to participate in the staking and share an incentive pool containing 13,000 NULS.

How to get NULS 5th anniversary NFTs?

  • You can buy NULS 5th anniversary NFTs on IVY Market with 100 $NULS, visiting the link below

  • You can also participate in NULS 5th anniversary giveaway events to win some free anniversary gifts, we have the following tokens & NFTs giveaway events for the anniversary

9.29–10.2 — NULS & Arivacoin Giveaway ($500 ARV + 10 NFTs)

10.2–10.5 — NULS & Ivy Market Giveaway ($300 ONG + 10 NFTs)

10.5–10.8 — NULS & Nabox Giveaway ($500 Nabox +10 NFTs)

10.8–10.11 — NULS & WorldBet Giveaway ($500 WBT + 10 NFTs )

10.11–10.14 — NULS & NerveNetwork Giveaway ($500 NVT + 10 NFTs)

Stake NFTs & Earn NULS

We will create a staking pool on Ivy Market after all the free NFTs are distributed to the winners, which is expected to be done on 15th Oct.

The staking pool has a total amount of 13,000 NULS to be mined.

If you want to participate in NFT staking, the staking entrance has already open and you can stake them before 15th Oct. Also note that the this staking pool hasn’t been fully activated, meaning you won’t get any rewards ($NULS) till 15th Oct.

Staking entrance:

How to stake anniversary NFTs to earn NULS on Ivy Market?

Step 1

Download Nabox wallet at

The anniversary NFTs and its staking pool are deployed on NULS blockchain, so you need to download a wallet that supports NULS to start.

Step 2

Enter the Ivy Market website and Connect to Nabox Wallet.

On the Ivy Market page, click on the button named BSC in the top banner bar and switch to Nuls chain to start trading and staking NFTs on the NULS chain at Ivy Market.

Step 3

Get anniversary NFTs.

As we have mentioned in the previous content, you can get NFTs from purchasing and giveaways. If you already have a free NFT, you can skip step 3 & jump directly to Step 4. Here we will guide you how to purchase an NFT using Nabox wallet on Ivy Market.

There are 5 different sets of anniversary NTFs for you to choose.

Before purchasing, ou need to prepare 100 NULS for the NFT and 0.1 NULS for the gas fee, you can get NULS from Binance exchange then withdraw to your NULS address on Nabox.

  1. Click on the Explore button in the top banner bar and select Marketplace.

2. Click on the NFT collection of the NFT you want to trade and click the NFT to trade it.

Tips: When enter the NFT collection, you can user filter to find the NFTs that are on sale on the left

3. On NFT detail page, click the Buy Now button, then check the terms of service and click Buy Now again.

4. You can now click the icon in the upper right corner and select My NFT to view your NFT.

Step 4

How to stake NFTs to earn NULS?

  1. Click on the button named Stake in the top banner bar and then select the NFT project in the ongoing state.

2. Use the Filter on the left to view your NFT. Click the button name Stake to stake your NFT, then you can see the NFT status has changed to staked

Tips:NFTs that have been staked can still be sold and transferred, but they will lose the benefits of the stake.

Step 5

Check Your Stake & Cancel Stake

  1. Click the icon in the upper right corner and select My Stake to view your stake.

2. Click the UnStake button to cancel the stake.


  1. Once unstake during the staking period, all benefits will be lost.
  2. If you sell or transfer the staked NFT during the staking period, the staking income will also be lost.

Congratulations, you have now learned how to stake! Happy staking!

About NULS

NULS is a blockchain with a modular-based architecture enabling customizable modules and cross-chain operability. Its two-part design is the micro-service and the functional modules. They have been built with the goal to maintain the well-known programming practice of high cohesion and low coupling. They also adopt the hot pluggable principle allowing modules to be added or removed during operation.

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