NULS 6 Years: From NULL to NULS ♾️️

A Voyage From NULL to NULS, Building From Nothing to Beyond the Imagined

3 min readSep 27, 2023

To the NULS community:

Hello NULSer, NULS wishes you all a great year today as NULS is celebrating its 6th anniversary! Six years is a long journey in the blockchain world because we know how rapidly the industry could shift. From the perspective of a project that has a strong, long-term vision, the past 6 years were merely the beginning of another great journey.

The Birth of NULS

The project name “NULS” is derived from the word “NULL” in programming language, symbolizing that our team was built from the ground. From “NULL” to “NULS”: “NULL” represents nothing/empty and “NULS” represents everything you desire in the blockchain world. On this day in 2017, the name NULS was created. Looking at the NULS’ logo you will know it resembles a change in the ♾️️ symbol, representing our Ultima vision for NULS project — infinite room for development, a never-ending exploration, and wild innovation. NULS’ initial vision was to make blockchain simpler, and we have been unwavering in our pursuit of that vision for the past 6 years.

An Overall Briefing

NULS blockchain has progressively improved and has been running stably for over 5 years with a growing ecosystem dApps constantly implemented within. As of today, there are 4,026 smart contracts deployed on the NULS mainnet, averaging over 9,000 daily transactions (Tx), 430,000+ NULS addresses, and over 200,000 lines of open-source code contributed by developers from worldwide. The NULS ecosystem hosts more than 50 decentralized applications, we have achieved certain development milestones, but we still consider ourselves small, NULS is not financially competitive compared with many new public chains that receive substantial financial support these days, but NULS is always on the road to fulfill its mission — brings blockchain applications into people’s lives.

2024 Outlook

NULS’ logo represents the limitless possibilities. In the coming year, we will be focusing on the following aspects to strengthen support and collaboration with ecosystem projects:

  • Fundamental Stability and Security are Crucial

We will further optimize the NULS core modules, improve network stability and NVM performance, enhance cross-chain asset communication, and bolster protections to ensure the network’s security and stability.

  • Developing User-friendly Tools for Ecosystem Users & Builders

We will continue to enhance and support NULS/ENULS multi-signature wallet management tools and, at the same time offer secure asset management processes and tools for projects. We’ll be strongly supportive to infrastructure protocols, improving Public-Service API functionality, providing richer data interfaces, and optimizing the NULS browser module so users can get a better viewing of on-chain data.

  • Deploying More Projects on POCM

Through NULS POCM, we’ll support promising early-stage projects, providing them with initial funding, financing advice, marketing, and community-building assistance. We’ll be introducing more high-quality projects to the POCM ecosystem for mutual benefits.

  • Establishing Ecosystem Foundation

We’ll introduce ecosystem funds to support outstanding ecosystem projects while enhancing liquidity for NULS assets on/off the chains.

  • Supporting Infrastructure Tools of the NULS Ecosystem

Blockchain infrastructure tools are fundamental, such as NerveNetwork, Nabox, Nulswap, etc. We’ll focus on supporting core tools within the ecosystem to help users settle and enable parallel chain networks built on the NULS framework. By developing NULS’s parallel chains, we believe NULS has the potential to flourish like any other EVM blockchains and Cosmos SDK in the future.

  • Attracting EVM-dApps into ENULS Ecosystem

As an EVM-compatible parallel chain of NULS, ENULS will continue to attract EVM projects for parallel deployment, creating more applications and use cases within the extensive NULS ecosystem and locking more NULS assets in liquidity pools.

With these concrete measures, we look forward to creating a stronger foundation and shining brightly when the next bull market arrives with users flocking into our ecosystem. Once again, we thank all the members of our community for their dedication to moving forward, exploring, and building with us!

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