NULS Africa Ambassador visits NULS Core Team in China

On July 22nd, NULS Ambassador of Africa Sebastien (third from right) and his partner Krishna (third from left) visited the core team of NULS.

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They and co-founder of NULS & head of community operations Reaper and NULS product manager Pen and core team members had an in-depth conversation. At the beginning of the meeting, NULS product manager Pen first introduced the core technologies and products of NULS. Demonstrated the NULS core product:ChainBox. After seeing those live demonstrations, they have more confidence in ChainBox. They commented that the ChainBox has limitless possibilities in application scenario for both businesses and developers. They even called NULS as the McDonald’s in the blockchain industry (quickly build products and “portable” in usability, you can mix-and-match based on your own preference).

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In the exchange with Reaper, the African ambassador Sebastien mentioned the entry point of the Mauritius region and ways to open up African market with NULS.
1 Mauritius already has a blockchain exchange center, they plan to set up a NULS stand to meet potential clients. 2 At present, most Africans don’t understand the blockchain technology. Even many people have never heard of the blockchain. He thinks this is a challenge and an opportunity. He plans to use NULS chain and cross-chain technology as an entry point to provide tailor-made solutions for more African businesses to adopt the blockchain technology in Africa. 3African Ambassador’s partner Krishna is an experienced investment consultant who will assist him in project analysis and screening.

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Hot pot is better with NULS! On the evening, the NULS core team invited the African ambassador and his partner to share the Chongqing hot pot.

The NULS Spark needs the ambassador to pass it, and is immersed in the passion of the hot pot. I believe that the ambassador will share the light of NULS to all corners of the African continent.

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