NULS Ambassador Recruitment Program

4 min readAug 16, 2018

The Launch Begins!

Over the past few weeks we have held extensive discussions in our community forum and social media groups on the future shape of the NULS community. Now are ready to implement the next step of our plan, the recruitment of NULS ambassadors (formally named community leaders).

The recruitment period runs from August 16th to August 31st.
Activity will be centered on this forum:

On September 1st, the newly appointed ambassadors will be announced and community funds will be released so that the ambassadors can start fulfilling their duties.

The Election Process

The NULS Foundation will take the lead in the election process for now. We propose to carry out the NULS ambassador election in the form of a competition which will be based on the number of established NULS followers a candidate has in their region.

I. Introduction to NULS Ambassadors

NULS ambassadors will primarily focus on building their local regional community. The first batch of ambassadors will be recruited from 8 countries: Singapore, US, China, Russia, UK, South Korea, Japan and India. Ambassadorships in other regions, outside of these eight, can be applied for when a community basis reaches 500 members or more.

II. Ambassador Responsibilities

  1. In order to be eligible for election, the candidate must hold or have access to 20,000 NULS tokens to establish a node.
  2. You should demonstrate an understanding of NULS core values, technology and community vision.
  3. Ambassadors will be ranked according to community numbers, influence and activity. Influence will be based on social media statistics, the number of NULS fans you have achieved in various channels including, Twitter, Facebook, Discord, QQ group, WeChat group, Line, Weibo, etc. Buying fans is strictly forbidden. If an ambassador is reported, by more than 3 people, for unfair behavior, on verification, he or she will be dismissed by the NULS Foundation.
  4. If there are several competitors for leadership in one region, the person who can demonstrate responsibility for creating the largest community will be appointed ambassador. Those who are not selected must wait 3 months before applying to compete again.
  5. You should provide a monthly work report and summary in English to the entire community, demonstrating community development and growth.
  6. Anyone in the community who feels an ambassador has not fulfilled his or her duty can propose their removal. If more than 70% of the votes are in favor of the proposal, the community leader will be removed and replaced by the next candidate in line.
  7. The NULS Foundation will provide 200,000 NULS tokens for each ambassador to reach consensus. A community leader will receive an income of up to 80% commission to spend on their regional community development. The other 20% will return to the community fund pool.
  8. The above-mentioned 80% commission rate is an initial proposal. In time, with market fluctuations, the Foundation reserves the right to propose changes to this rate. Changes can only be implemented after approval by the community, achieved by 70% or more of the community vote.
  9. NULS ambassadors can submit additional budget proposals to the NULS Foundation, in the case of a major activity or development projects. The budget will be publicized to the community and voted on by all NULS nodes. The fund can be granted when the budget is passed by over 70% of node members.

III. How To Participate In The Campaign

Step 1

1. Post your campaign plan in the forum, naming the country you wish to represent. Include a personal introduction, your future community development plan and existing number of community members.

2. During the course of the campaign, please continue to report on, and update your community member numbers.

Please post in the forum:

Step 2: The WINNER

Congratulations! You have been selected as a NULS ambassador.
Now, you should:

1. Create a node named (Country + Ambassador) and set the agency commission to 80%.

2. The NULS Foundation will entrust 200,000 NULS to your node.

3. Start building your community and instigate your development plan.

4. Submit your work report in the forum at the end of each month.

In case of any difficulty, the NULS team and community will assist you.

For all relevant discussions about ambassadors, please post in the forum:

How To Contribute To The NULS Community — Suggestions

  1. Hold local meet-ups in your city or country to involve local community members and educate new members about NULS.
  2. Provide materials to the central marketing team, such as photos, videos and article content.
  3. Share your success stories with the NULS community.
  4. Share videos or other content made by your community in your local language.
  5. If possible, in liaison with the central team, help deliver local exchange listings.
  6. Represent NULS at local cryptocurrency conferences.
  7. Act as the local contact person for the NULS PR team who will help you generate local media news in your region.




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