NULS Ambassadors Voting Results of the Fourth Quarter 2020

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NULS is a community-driven global open source project. The open, free, autonomous and evolutionary community spirit has always driven its development.Community is the soul of NULS. The role of a NULS Ambassador is to lead the development of the community. The Ambassador program supports individuals from different countries and regions who share a burning passion for NULS.

It is NULS’ way of motivating and recognizing members who continuously participate and support the development of NULS.

The NULS community strictly follows the rules and procedures of NIP4.

The Ambassador campaign proposals and votes are as follows:

Chinese Ambassador LvBaTou

Proposal details:

Voting details:

African Ambassador Tinetien89

Proposal details:

Voting details:

Turkish Ambassador Koinmilyoner

Proposal details:

Voting details:

Canadian Ambassador Pipeshark

Proposal details:

Voting details:

In addition, in the third quarter of the ambassador election proposal , the term of office of the Portuguese ambassador Joao is 6 months, so he is still in his position in the fourth quarter. For details, please refer to the results of the third quarter ambassador election.

The reference of the election process for NULS community ambassadors:

Ambassadors that have been successfully voted in are required to create a node and name it according to the format ‘Country_Ambassador’. 20,000 NULS is required as collateral, with commission rate set to 80%. It shall be the responsibility of the Ambassador to maintain the node and to ensure it gets upgraded in a timely manner.

The NULS Foundation shall stake 200,000 NULS in the Ambassador Node to get it into consensus.

Portuguese Ambassador Joao shall receive a stake of 500,000 NULS in his node from the NULS Foundation for his enhanced Ambassador role of ‘Community Lead’.

Half of the monthly rewards generated by the Ambassador Node is to be used as incentives for the Ambassador, and the other half is to be used for the as reimbursement for the Ambassador’s expenditure for the community. The breakdown of these funds needs to be shown to the community in the Ambassador work report.

NULS Ambassadors shall work hand closely with the community to promote NULS to all parts of the world so that more people can know about NULS and participate in its development.

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