NULS and MyCointainer Work Together

2 min readJan 14, 2021


NULS/Nerve is happy to announce a new collaboration with MyCointainer.

MyCointainer is the ultimate staking service platform. Users can stake assets and have access to shared masternodes for a wide selection of coins.

On top of being a staking platform, it offers exchange of coins using fiat money or Bitcoin. It delivers a simple solution for everyone. The goal is to leverage the power of blockchain to generate stable profit to its users.

MyCointainer’s vision is to provide great value to its customers. Everyone should get equal benefit from the rewards generated by staking digital coins. Staking at MyCointainer starts at the moment the user deposits the coin into MyCointainer wallet.

Unlike individual staking, users need not worry about technical knowledge, masternode setup, and spending ample amounts of money. All of these efforts are handled by professionals from MyCointainer. This way users can focus more on the earnings they receive.

MyCointainer fully supports the NULS/Nerve network ecosystem, enabling the trade of BTC/NULS, EUR/NULS pairs and staking. Both MyCointainer and NULS aim to give their community easy access to staking and be rewarded accordingly for their participation.

The two most attractive features of MyCointainer:

1. Power Max

Users get 100% rewards and 0% withdrawal and exchange fees. VIP giveaways and rewards match promises are distributed to subscribers.

2. Community Vote

An initiative to which the community votes for a free staking coin. The asset with the most number of votes will be the winner and users can stake it with 100% rewards for a whole month.

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