NULS and YVS Finance Form Partnership

The NULS team is delighted to announce a new partnership with YVS Finance, an innovative project offering a unique DeFi solution. We would like to offer a warm welcome to our new partner and we look forward to a promising collaboration.

What is YVS Finance?

YVS Finance offers the first and only yield-farming, vaults, and staking deflationary token with no admin control. It is an innovative, decentralized finance project combining the best features for creating a unique, transparent, and secure yield-farming platform.

What will YVS Finance achieve with NULS?

Our vision is in line with the YVS ideals, we both strive to build and contribute to a truly open, transparent, and secure DeFi ecosystem. YVS will combine its offerings with the many advantages of NULS ecosystem and use Nerve Network’s Cross-Chain DeFi infrastructure to interact with structurally different blockchains, enjoying fast and cheap transactions.

In a first phase, YVS will introduce and use one of Nuls’ DeFi solutions, POCM. This mechanism will allow NULS holders to stake NULS and earn YVS. In the other hand, YVS will be offering yield-farming, staking, and vaults and many other interesting features planned to be released in the future to our users.

Learn more about YVS


Whitepaper: Whitepaper.pdf





ERC-20 token contract: 0xec681f28f4561c2a9534799aa38e0d36a83cf478

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