NULS Announces USA Investment

Global Open-Source Blockchain Platform Opens in USA!

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NULS, one of the world’s leading blockchain platforms, announced its expansion into the United States with the establishment of its San Jose, California location.

The organization is investing in the USA to expand partnerships and communities in this strategic region.

NULS CEO Liesa Huang: “We intend to expand our core team, community and new partners interested in developing on our platform in the United States. Silicon Valley is the perfect location for us to launch our operations because of the technology business infrastructure and incredible talent.”

NULS is looking to attract some of the top tech talent, partners and investors in the USA. NULS’ flexible, low-cost and easy-to-use infrastructure provides individuals and enterprises greater opportunities and accessibility to work with blockchain technology.

Spearheading NULS efforts in the USA is David Wasson, who joined the organization in October: “We are seeing tremendous interests in our new operations in the US and I believe that potential partners, investors, employees and our community in the USA have been waiting for NULS to expand their presence here.” Wasson went on to say, “We are actively recruiting to hire three key positions before the end of the year.”

NULS is currently entering into agreements with local shared office space in the San Jose area and will be seeking longer term leased space to house an innovation studio to support partner projects as well as general operations.

For more information, visit our official website.

David Wasson (714) 392–3843

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