NULS Bi-Monthly Progress Update

What has the team been doing in the second half of May 2019? Let’s check it out together!

  • NULS 2.0 Wallet added relevant smart contract functions, which have been developed and are under testing;
  • The v1.2.2 of NULS 1.0 main-net was released. Some new interfaces were added and the network stability was improved;
  • The NULS 2.0 codes were optimized as planned, mainly to improve the performance and stability;
  • The prototype design for application of node information display was completed, which is designed to display the node information from multiple dimensions, such as the contribution to the community, individual/ code information introduction, etc.
  • The NULS product structure was analyzed and arranged. More specific application scenarios will be provided in the beta version to help the community members to further understand the value of NULS ecosystem.
  • Official release of (Alpha v3.0) of NULS 2.0

Since the first alpha version Alpha v1.0 of NULS 2.0 released on March 28 and the Alpha v2.0 of NULS 2.0 released on April 16, NULS 2.0 has been fully tested in the two stages. NULS has made the first step in practicing the microservice architecture + blockchain and taken the lead in the layout of the underlying framework for blockchain. We launched the Alpha v3.0 at 13:30 (GMT+8) on May 16 and launched the cross-chain functions as scheduled, marking another important step for NULS to become a blockchain basic platform supporting cross-chain circulation of value. From that moment on, NULS has realized the technology implementation for modularized blockchain building and cross chain.

I. Work progress of NULS technology community core development team (Code Craft Council)

II. Business & community activities

  • The world’s leading professional mining pool Huobi Pool joined in NULS consensus node campaign

Recently, Huobi Pool officially joined in NULS consensus node campaign. As a world’s leading professional mining pool institution, Huobi Pool possesses rich experience and technical strength in the consensus mining field. Huobi Pool will empower the NULS by virtue of quality resources and co-build the NULS ecosystem. As a pioneer of microservice blockchain building, NULS has realized the blockchain building and cross-chain technology implementation. With this prospective technology concept and ecosystem layout, NULS continues to innovate.

  • New ‘$100 million’ capital added to NULS ecosystem, quality resources empowering NULS ecosystem
  • BEPAL Wallet officially joined our community with a NULS consensus node, facilitating the construction of NULS ecosystem

On May 24, BEPAL Wallet officially announced to be a NULS consensus node. After the announcement of joining in NULS consensus nodes by partners like Huobi Pool, Consensus Lab and Chain World, NULS had its first decentralized wallet partner. BEPAL will empower NULS by virtue of quality resources to provide NULS with all-scenario blockchain assets management products, assets management service platform and industry application solutions, so as ensure the security of NULS main-net and co-construct NULS ecosystem.

  • On May 17, NULS CEO Liesa Huang and NULS US team (David Wasson, Angel Cervantes, Kathy Norman) held the US strategy seminar at NULS San Jose office.
  • NULS US team and NULS ecosystem partner @PinkSkyGroup had a pleasant and productive meeting in Las Vegas.
  • NULS was invited to participate in HuobiGlobal’s Twitter interactive activity of calling all project teams “How are you changing the world and making it a better place”.
  • In celebration of NULS DEEP Lotto upcoming next month, Australian ambassador Zane held the activities of NULS name changing (to add a NULS suffix to your name) and number guessing. Enter the main English group of NULS and follow the channel of #NULSDEEPLotto Giveaway! ( Then enter the community forum and give your favorite number between 0 and 10,000. The one choosing the closest number to Zane’s pre-selected number (which has been recorded on NULS blockchain) will receive 150 NULS.
  • On May 22, NULS and Chain Node jointly held the Pizza Day interactive activity on Weibo. The prizes are being distributed.
  • On May 30, NULS held the “Fight Through” community interactive activity. Participants can get the NULS reward by answering the questions. The activity will be held every week.
  • On May 22, in the NULS Air Lesson 18, @Wang Zhijian, the head of NULS technological development, shared the “NULS cross-chain mechanism” to facilitate better understanding of the principles and meaning of cross chain after the launch and alpha test of NULS cross chain.
  • On May 29, in NULS Air Lesson 19, @BTC屁屁 (BTC Pipi), a famous blogger, was invited to share the “essential trading skills for small bull market”. (Telegram:

III. Media attention

IV. NIP & proposals & progresses

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