NULS Bi-Monthly Progress Update

What has the team been doing in the first half of June 2019? Let’s check it out together!

  • Completed the development and testing of NRC-721 contract template, which can support the issuance of non-fungible or unique tokens on NULS in the future.
  1. Business & Community Events

Huobi Pool officially supports mining NULS: Locking is mining

  • On June 6, Huobi Mining Pool (, the world’s leading professional mining pool, has officially joined the NULS node, and launched locking NULS to mine service in the Huobi Pool app. As the first professional mining node on NULS Mainnet, Huobi Mining Pool will provide professional hardware and technical services to maintain the stability of the node and ensure the safety of the Mainnet. The online service not only enriches the application scenario of NULS, but also shows the recognition of NULS value-added potential.
  • AnyBit wallet has launched the service of NULS consensus mining and conducted AMA activity for the community.
  • The NULS team joined OKEx in launching the “Sharing Millions of NULS” activity

NULS team and OKEx released the “sharing millions of NULS on OKEx” activity. From now on, newly registered users buying NULS (no less than 250USDT) on OKEx through the exclusive entrance below can gain NULS rewards equivalent to 100CNY. Since NULS was listed on OKEx, the world’s leading digital asset trading platform on December 05, 2017, the two parties have maintained long-term friendly cooperation. At present, NULS chain-building and cross-chain functions have been launched for public testing with the implementation of the technology and successful layout of the chain-building and cross-chain plates, which gains the recognition and attention of investors.

  • NULS cross-chain has been sought after by the market. On June 10, it rose 10% against the trend and ranked fourth in the Hot Searches on MyToken.

According to the recommendations of members in our community and through the discussion of the board directors, the “NIP4_NULS Ambassadors Participation Rules” has been updated, the second quarter of the ambassador members will come to an end on June 30. Thanks for your participation, here We hope that more members of the community who contribute to the development of the NULS community can participate in the third quarter ambassador.

NULS community member Xiaosa summarized the community operation of NULS in May and made an explanation about the work content.

NULS Forum released a task bounty: “500NULS for consensus node information display”

NULS Community launches Star List event. There is a possibility to win 200NULS by replying the post

NULS Forum published a post with the theme of “Collection of comments on current community fund use processes”

2. CCC Progress

3. NULS Ambassador Progress

4. Overseas Events and Media Reports

5. NIP & Proposal & Progress

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