NULS Bi-Monthly Report

— The New NULS Council has been Formally Founded

Second Half of December

Technical Progress

  1. NULS technical team urgently repaired the mainnet transaction verification problem and released V2.3.0 to upgrade all consensus nodes.
  2. Team performed a cross-review of the mainnet code and conducted security review on the account transaction signature verification logic.
  3. Both the front-end and back-end development of Chain Factory has been completed and has progressed to the joint debugging phase.
  4. Completed DEX front-end interface development, completed back-end development and began joint debugging.
  5. The development of USDI mobile version has been completed and is currently in the testing phase.

NULS Technical Community Progress (NTC and CCC)

View the work reports from Code Craft Council members.

Business & Community Progress and Events

1. On 17th December 2019, NULS was invited to participate in a presentation at Baidu Super Chain Academy and the theme was entitled “Science and Technology Enabling Cross-Border Integration — Application of Blockchain Technology and Industrial Integration and Innovation” held in Yuzhong District, Chongqing City.

2. As of December 20th,2019, NULS Community Councils’ online election has obtained 37,665,086 community votes in total. As the voting results are now stable, the new NULS Community Council has been formally founded.

According to the Community Charter, 11 council members, including 3 Management Directors, 4 Technical Directors, and 4 Operations directors, were elected in this voting.

3. On 22nd December 2019, NULS mainnet was compromised and 2 million NULS tokens were stolen from the NULS team account. After thorough investigation of the compromise, a vulnerability was discovered in the NULS transaction signature verification logic. The hacker(s) used a sophistically constructed transaction to bypass the verification link, the node confirmed the transaction and transferred 2 million NULS from the NULS team account. After detecting the compromise, the NULS team immediately contacted the exchanges to freeze the assets, urgently troubleshot the problem and fixed the vulnerability. The team then released a new version of the mainnet wallet and decided to perform a hard fork at the block height of 878000. The upgrade is now complete.

4. On 27th December 2019, NULS won a comprehensive public award run by JinSe Finance, a renowned media company for the blockchain industry in China. NULS was voted as one of the Top 100 enterprise blockchains in China. Will Liang, NULS Business Director attended the ceremony and accepted the award on NULS behalf.

5. On 29th December 2019, NULS was invited to the 2020 Crypto Currency Investment New Trends and Blockchain Industry Application Workshop hosted by Lian Quan and Li Yizhou Pty Ltd. NULS Co-founder Reaper was an invited speaker and presented “The Exploration of Blockchain Applications and How to Use NULS for them”.

6. On 30th December 2019, the media outlet Beep invited AEX brand director Mr. Meow to talk to Niels, NULS Technical Director and Community Councilor. In response to the recent hacking of NULS, he initiated an online AMA with the theme “2 Million NULS Theft, What Went Wrong?” Niels who participated in the AMA expressed his views on blockchain network security.

Global Progress

  1. On 17th December 2019, NULS sponsored a Christmas promotion in the NULS Telegram channel.

2. On 19th December 2019, the West media publication CryptoWise released “9 Most Profitable Proof of Stake Coins (PoS) Right Now” where NULS was notably included.

3. On 19th December 2019, NULS technical community member Nalex released NULS Staking Tutorial on Youtube.

4. On 22nd December 2019, NULS & Pionex sponsored Christmas promotion for the community.

5. On 25th December 2019, NULS wished the entire NULS family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

6 .On 27th December 2019, Mario Liu of Pionex and David Wasson of NULS hosted an AMA in NULS Telegram Channel to discuss the Pionex trading platform.

7. On 28th December 2019, Pionex launched $10,000 insurance fund promotion for those interested in using their automated trading.

8.On 30th December 2019 ,NULS announced an open call for candidates interested in running for NULS Ambassador positions for the January, February and March 2020 term.

Community Governance Updates and Progress

On 30th December 2019,

NULS African Ambassador released his campaign proposal.

NULS Turkish Ambassador also released his campaign proposal.

Proposals currently being carried out:

NCG20191122NULS Chinese community content contribution proposal

NCG20191120Contributor Role — Community Lead — Community Funding Proposal

NCG20191110West Business Plan Proposal and Budget

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