NULS Bi-Monthly Report

6 min readJun 4, 2021

May 1–15, 2021

  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Trading
  • Other News
  • Community

Technical Progress for NULS and Nerve

  • Developed and released Nabox Chrome plug-in version 1.0.4, which includes increased support for the OKExChain network.
  • Continued development and testing for the Nabox Android version with increased OKExChain support. The Nabox Android version entered the final round of internal testing.
  • Continued development and testing for the Nabox IOS version.
  • Continued development and testing for NerveNetwork 1.11.0 version which includes increased support for OKExChain network.


May 7: NULS SCO Project ARCH opened the ARCH-USDT pool on the Heco DeFi swap site LAVASwap.

May 7: NULS SCO Project Cobalt Lend announced they have removed liquidity from UNISWAP to prepare for their V3 upgrade and launch of their own exchange.

May 7: NULS announced KeFi will launch its project on the NULS SCO Platform. KeFi is committed to simplifying the way users pay their bills by using cryptocurrencies. Welcome, KeFi!


May 8: NULS and BakeryTools have reached a strategic agreement. BakeryTools will launch its project on the NULS SCO platform. BakeryTools is a trading platform for Binance chain pairs and includes real-time data analytics, pool reporting, and vetted private sales and pre-sales. Welcome, BakeryTools!
NFT by Space Meerkat— All five sold out $416.80 each

May 12: INTEROP announced it will launch its project on the NULS SCO platform. INTEROP is a community-driven NFT platform. Welcome, INTEROP!

May 14: NULS SCO Project BonFi released their V1 Platform which includes the Defi aggregator. BonFi is leading DeFi innovation by launching a DeFi aggregator that helps users optimize their portfolios.

The BonFi platform aggregates industry-leading DeFi product offerings with sophisticated data analysis. They offer a full suite of cross-chain interoperability with Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Huobi Ecosystem Chain (Heco), NULS, Nerve, and OKEx chain.

BonFi DeFi aggregator drives innovation through extraordinary ecosystem


May 7: NULS released the latest NULS Ecosystem growth report, including wallets, trading platforms, DeFi, and NFT ecology.

NULS Ecosystem

May 8: NULS released the latest staking revenue report, including NULS mainnet, NerveNetwork, NULS SCO projects, and cross-chain activity.

NULS Staking Report


May 8: Chain Link Beat, one of the largest blockchain communities in China, announced it reached a strategic agreement with NULS regarding the Nabox wallet. NULS and Chain Link Beat believe Nabox will help build a more prosperous DeFi market.

May 10: NULS thanks and identifies the Nabox wallet investors.

Nabox wallet investors

May 12: NULS announced the Nabox wallet supports OKExChain.


May 9: NULS established support for cross-chain conversion of assets on the NerveNetwork chain and the OKExChain network assets. The contract address of NULS in OKExChain is:


May 10: The Nerve Network implemented cross-chain bridges from SHIB to the OKExChain.

May 11: CryptoDiffer, a respected aggregator of blockchain news, reported on NerveNetwork’s cross-chain support for SHIB INU.

On May 12, 2021, FOR announced its cross-chain interaction with the OKExChain network through the NULS NerveNetwork cross-chain bridge.

May 13: NULS Community Members compiled and released NerveBridge’s BSC-OKExChain asset cross-chain tutorial. Thank you Community Members.

May 11: MDEX, based on the Heco chain, announced the liquidity mining pool NULS-USDT.


May 13: Flux Protocol (OKC) listed NULS at 2021.05.13 / 20:00 GMT+8. Flux Protocol is a borderless lending protocol with low transaction fees and cross-chain interoperability.

Flux Medium Article

Other News

May 1: NULS announced its branding changes. The NULS logo is updated with a new green color. The NULS slogan is updated with NULS Making It Easier To Innovate.

NULS Brand Assets

May 3: CryptoDiffer, a well-known media in the industry, reported on the upgrade of the NULS brand.

May 3: The number of Twitter followers of NULS exceeded 50,000. NULS tweeted a “Big shout out to all our new followers and to those who’ve been following from the very beginning.”

May 4: NULS Community Director Berzeck and the NULS West Team live-streamed their NULS update on the NULS YouTube channel. Included was an interview with Token Republic CEO Patrick Howard, and a West Team marketing review by Patric Vogel. Community questions were asked and answered during the event.

May 13: Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla stopped accepting Bitcoin payments due to the high energy consumption of Bitcoin mining. NULS tweeted: it is proud to be “one of the most energy-efficient projects”. NULS uses a Proof-of-Credit mechanism which requires very little energy to operate.

May 15: Ran Xiaobo (aka Reaper), co-sponsor of NULS and Community Director, took part in a livestream discussion on the business investment value of public blockchains.


  • Bangladesh NULS community member and NULStar participant, Nafis Khan, posted his work report for April 2021. Thank you, Nafis.

  • Indonesian community member and NULStar participant, Imamsan, posted his work report for April 2021. Thank you, Imamsan.

  • Spanish Ambassador Noel Releases posted his March-May Ambassador Work Report. Thank you, Noel.

  • Community member Steven Tuong announced the official end of the NULStars program on 2020–08–17. However, due to circumstances and sufficient funding, the program continued. The new official end date is April 2021. Thank you, NULStars, for your effort and commitment.

  • Community members Jeff, Andreas Eri, Ekam, Evilish, and Sunflower/Dqshzhxl submitted proposals requesting the swap of their NULS ERC20 tokens for the NULS mainnet NRC20 tokens. Andreas and Evilish requests passed. Jeff and Ekam’s requests are pending. Sunflower/Dqshzhxl request did not pass, due to zero votes.

NULS Community Proposals

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