NULS — Bi-Monthly Report

Second Half of September 2019

  1. NULS 2.0 Mainnet V2.1.0 release issued which fixes problems found during the previous version. The protocol upgrade has been completed.

2. POCM Platform introduced to support the SCO on-chain asset issuance, and provide a test network and main network for user testing. TPU project launch.

3. Development of the community governance product continues with ongoing front-end and back-end coordination and debugging.

4. Based on feedback from community users and SCO projects, the next version of POCM iteration and content plan has been formulated, which will optimize the layout and interaction of user-centered pages.

5. Development of Chain Factory continues with front-end and back-end coordination and debugging. Users will build blockchains with different functions through the UI.

Please check the work reports of Code Craft Council here.

1. OKEx has completed the NULS 2.0 mainnet upgrade and opened withdrawals and deposit for NULS on the 27th Sept.

2. On the 29th of Sept., Binance completed the NULS 2.0 mainnet upgrade and opened withdrawals and deposits for NULS

3. September 16th, the blockchain code quality analysis website published the “Top Cryptocurrencies Based on Github Activity”. NULS ranked first according to commits, total starts, total watchers, active authors and total languages.

2. On September 17th, the “NULS 2.0 Mainnet Launch and SCO Eco-Construction Online Event” was co-hosted by NULS and SCO Lab. Product Manager, Luo Pen, highlighted the “10-Minute Chain-building” capability of core product ChainBox, and announced the launch of the POCM platform to support on-chain asset issuance. Hena, OWD, TPU and other projects carried out an online roadshow. The SCO Lab sponsors, including Staking2, Nabox and BitSG, have all expressed their intention to build an SCO ecosystem of “thousands of tokens issued and hundreds of chains competing” by empowering high-quality projects.

3. On September 17th, during the “ NULS 2.0 Mainnet Launch and SCO Eco-Construction Online Event”, Nova Club announced that they will join SCO Lab and participate in consensus with a NULS mainnet node. Nova Club seeks to empower high-quality blockchain projects in the NULS ecosystem.

4. On September 17th, Liesa Huang, NULS CEO, was invited to participate in a round-table exchange activity “Public Chain Smart City” organized by the professional blockchain media in Shanghai.

5. On September 18, the decentralized wallet BitKeep completed the upgrade of NULS 2.0 mainnet and enabled NULS deposits, withdrawals, storage, transfers, receipts, queries and other services. BitKeep will also support NULS staking, asset issuance for SCO chains and other products.

7. On September 19, Nik Kalyani, founder of Whenhub, visited the NULS team and had held discussions with the product manager and co-sponsors of NULS. Whenhub held an online AMA for the community on WeChat channel “SCO Lab Genesis Group”, hosted by Liesa Huang. Whenhub answered questions and explained the project’s market plan, token distribution, and SCO strategy to the host and the community.

8. On September 20th, the OWD team represented SCO Lab to participate in the Binance Game Oasis Hackathon, a 48-hour closed development competition, and won the best art award. OWD is a blockchain game platform designed to build a virtual and free gaming world that enables player interaction and PK. It can also achieve virtual or reality docking between players and offline merchants, enabling players to benefit from the games they enjoy the most. As an SCO Lab preferred project, OWD will conduct an SCO on NULS where users can obtain OWD digital assets by staking NULS.

9. On September 25th, after launch of the NULS 2.0 mainnet, the NULS team enabled the main network swap function again to avoid unnecessary property loss of users who have not yet swapped thier ERC-20 NULS tokens for mainnet tokens. Swapping can be accomplished here after following specific instructions.

10. On September 19, Ken Huang, a NULS advisor and blockchain expert published an article entitled “Blockchain Enables a Sharing Economy and Creates a New Future For the P2P Economy”, to introduce the financing form of SCOs initiated by commerce partners and SCO Lab. He believes that SCO is a sustainable and benign asset issuance mode, which enables digital assets to enable investment scenarios. Read the article here.

11. On September 26th, the NULS 2.0 Online Hackathon ended the submission stage and entered the evaluation stage. The review team, composed of the NULS core team and technical community, will start the selection process according to the competition rules. The hackathon was supported by developers and teams from many countries and enabled developers to become familiar with NULS 2.0 and ChainBox.

12. On September 26th, the TPU (Token Promotion Union) launched an online AMA in WeChat’s SCO LAB Creation Group, hosted by Yibao. The TPU team introduced project information, team development, TPU asset issuance and other SCO-related information online. Nearly 200,000 NULS were staked into the SCO node within 20 minutes after the AMA concluded.

  1. At 9:30 p.m. on September 19th, the premiere televised news source for the blockchain and cryptocurrency community, BlockTV, interviewed NULS USA Regional Director David Wasson. In the interview, David introduced the market positioning and core products of NULS 2.0 in combination with the development status of the blockchain industry. The presenter praised NULS as “a company that is at the forefront of blockchain technology”. The interview can be found here.

2. NULS Technical Community member NalexNULS produced a promotional video for ChainBox in both English and Chinese.

3. NULS CEO, Liesa Huang participated in the ConfluxChain International Blockchain Conference in Shanghai.

1. CryptoNinjas Following the successful trial SCO of Aleph, in which the company secured about $1.25 million worth of staked NULS in 24hrs, several new projects have queued to launch their own SCO.

2. Blokt NULS 2.0 is all about removing friction for developers, innovators, and community participants. The SCO process is fast and provides steady project revenue for early-stage ideas.

3.NULLTXProject contributors can track the progress of projects and unstake their tokens at any time. This protects contributors from locking into stagnant projects and incentivizes teams to act with transparency. Read more here.

4.CCN An SCO, unlike an IEO or ICO, is a community-driven process in which blockchain projects can kickstart their finances by securing NULS in exchange for a portion of their own token supply. Read more here.

5. CoinVigilanceThe SCO process is fast and provides steady project revenue for early-stage ideas.

6. CaprehabOverall, NULS 2.0 aims to streamline blockchain DAPP and product development while rewarding stakers for the active curation and support of native projects.

7. Social Juicebox Instead of receiving their normal NULS rewards, the participants receive token allocation. In this tradeoff, the participating SCO projects receive the NULS rewards which they may then use to bootstrap development.

8. WeAreBlockheadsAn SCO enables individuals and small teams to bootstrap their concepts. They are completely accountable to the NULS ecosystem, and can quickly determine public interest by the amount of NULS staked to their node.

9. CryptoNews“There are many developers with amazing ideas that feel inhibited by finances,” said Reaper Ran, NULS Co-founder. “They don’t need a seed raise or institutional investment as much as they need a small kickstart and assurance that their ideas are valuable and worth pursuing.”

Portugal Ambassador Monthly Report for August

Africa Ambassador Monthly Report for August

African Ambassador Q4 2019 Election Proposal

New Funding Wallet Addresses on 2.0 Mainnet

The new community governance tool will be made ready at the end of October. The West Business Proposal and Ambassadors’ Election voting will start immediately thereafter.

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