NULS Bi-Monthly Report — Chain Factory Launch

First Half of November

1. Chain Factory has been officially released on the NULS mainnet, enabling users to access a graphical interface for chain-building.

2. Ongoing development of the community management tool for mobile adaptation and responsiveness is underway. Update implementation is expected in late November via accessing the Nabox wallet, allowing users to vote in the app.

3. The DEX module is under continuous development and is currently in the testing and optimization phase;

4. The Switch product developed by the technical community is in the testing stage. If the test network operation proposal is approved, it will first support the test network NULS and the main network NULS for exchange;

View the work reports from Code Craft Council members.

1. On November 1st 2019, NULS and UNI (Unicorn) reached a technical and ecological cooperation, and UNI will convert tokens based on the NULS token standard. At the same time, NULS will assist the UNI ecology to promote cross-chain transactions and land applications.

2. On November 1st 2019, the NULS Foundation announced a strategic investment in the Coinfarm platform to become an overseas strategic partner with NULS.

3. The NULS community governance tool is launched, and campaigns for Community Council and other proposals are initiated, inviting decentralized governance of the NULS blockchain and ecosystem development.

4. On November 6th 2019, NULS participated in the selection of the “2019 Most Popular Domestic Public Chain” activity. The event is expected to end on November 20th, and NULS landed a top ranking.

5. On November 8th 2019, NULS completed the major upgrade of Nabox, the first eco-mobile wallet. NULS and Nabox also released a NULS airdrop for Schrodinger’s Cat game coins, “CC” for NULS holders.

6. On November 8th 2019, Niels Wang was invited to participate in the blockchain seminar hosted by Guangdong University of Technology’s Network Identity Safety Guangdong-Hong Kong Joint Laboratory (WIS Lab). He also delivered a speech entitled “NULS Technology and the Practice of Chain Building”.

7. On November 10th, NULS co-founder Reaper Ran was invited to participate in the “2019 Cryptographic Economics Seminar” of Chongqing Technology and Business University.

8. On November 12th 2019, NULS announced a strategic cooperation with Guangdong University of Technology’s Network Identity Safety Guangdong-Hong Kong Joint Laboratory(WIS lab). A joint laboratory was established to conduct research on blockchain technology and network security.

9. On November 13th 2019, Chain Factory was officially launched. Chain Factory 1.0 allows anyone to build a chain through the selection of modules. Users simply provide information for parameters and servers.

10. On November 13, 2019, NULS Co-founder Reaper Ran was invited by Black Diamond Rating to participate in the Black Diamond online AMA event and share Chain Factory with members of the Black Diamond community.

11. On November 14th 2019, NULS partner JieYi Technology held an online AMA. The CTO of Jieyi Technology shared information about blockchain domain names and related content.

12. On November 14th 2019, NULS and SWFT Blockchain announced SWFT support of cross-chain flash exchanging between NULS and more than 210 types of coins, including NULS red packets and payments. SWFT Blockchain is one of the three flash transfer platforms in the world that requires no certification for decentralized flash transfers.

13. On November 15th 2019, NULS co-founder Reaper Ran and blockchain expert and NULS consultant Huang Lianjin joined as guests with Coinvoice to discuss the “new opportunities and wealth for blockchain under the policy dividend.”

  1. On November 9th, Atomars Exchange announced NULS listing on the Atomars Exchange.

2. On November 11th 2019, On twitter user @crypfo1 recognized NULS as a high value and high impact digital asset ecosystem.

3. On November 13th 2019, Cointelegraph published a press release about Chain Factory.

Community Council Election

As of November 15th 2019, NULS community councilors campaign was initiated and continues through dynamic voting.

Proposals Under Vote

  1. In the fourth quarter, the Turkish, Portuguese and African ambassadors’ campaign proposals ended on November 18th. Congratulations to Joao, Sebastien and Koinmilyoner for a successful campaign!

2. Voting for rewards of the third quarter contributors proposal is currently underway.

3. Voting for the community supervision work proposal is currently underway.

4. Voting for the Western business plan and budget proposal is currently underway.

5. Voting for Chain Club event promotion is currently underway.

Proposals Under Discussion

Test Network Node Incentive Plan

Community Content Contribution

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