NULS Bi-Monthly Report

Second Half of November

Technical Progress

1. Completed development of the mobile version of community governance tools and integrated it with recent update of Nabox.

2. Completed initial design of QR scan code transaction functionality and scheduled it for development. Users will only need to scan the QR code in the application to confirm transactions without importing the private key or keystore on a PC or other devices.

3. Finished the test planning of ChainBox to support the development of Chain of Alliances.

4. POCM mobile has been developed and will be integrated with the Nabox update.

5. The planning and product design for the next version of Chain Factory has been completed and it will enter the iterative development phase in December.

NULS Technical Community Progress (NTC and CCC)

View the work report from the code craft council members

Business & Community Progress and Events

1. On November 18th 2019, NULS and Chain Club (Blockchain Institute) formed a strategic partnership with NULS. Chain Club brings high-quality community resources, branding expertise and a strong partner ecosystem.

2. On November 19th 2019, the OKEx mining pool was officially announced with the launch of their mainnet consensus node (node name: okexpool). OKEx mining pool will participate in maintaining the safe and stable operation of NULS network and further builds our robust partner ecosystem.

3. On November 21th 2019,NULS and Beijing Chain Guard Technology Co., Ltd formed a strategic partnership. Beijing Chain Guard will provide security services for NULS projects, including smart contract code audits. At the same time, the two sides will further cooperate in security of nodes, mainnet security, and ecosystem security to jointly build and maintain a safe and efficient public chain.

4. On November 20th 2019, NULS Product Manager, Pen met with community members of DAppBirds, a Dapp analytics platform and presented “Chain Factory — Opening the Era of Chain-building with One-click”. Chain Factory enables users to easily and quickly build their own blockchain by minimizing the technical barrier, which promotes wider adoption of the technology.

5. On November 29th 2019, the voting for the top community contributors for the third quarter was completed. A total of 5 community members were selected, each of whom will receive 100 NULS as reward.

Please refer to the links for the selection results and proposal details

6. On November 28th 2019, Thanksgiving Day; “Thanks for every ray of warm light on the path foreword.” Thankful for your support of NULS!

Global Progress

1. On November 18th 2019, NULS Twitter released news of NULS and Chain Club (block chain institute) strategic partnership.

2. On November 20th 2019, David, Kathy and Berzeck delivered a presentation and interactive demonstration of Chain Factory to the faculty and professors of Portland State University’s (PSU) Blockchain Program in Portland, Or USA . NULS Chain Factory is being considered for use as an educational tool in the PSU Blockchain Computer Lab as part of their newly established blockchain curriculum.

3. On November 21th 2019,NULS Medium released news of the NULS and Beijing Chain Guard Technology Co., Ltd strategic partnership.

4. On November 21th 2019, NULS Twitter released news of OKEx joining NULS consensus and helping to foster the growth of our ecosystem.

5. On November 28th 2019, Thanksgiving Day, NULS Twitter released Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Community Governance Updates and Progress

Community Council Election

As of November 30th 2019, NULS community councilors campaign details: There are 15 participants in total, and the top 11 were elected, which include; 4 Technical Councilors, 3 Management Councilors and 4 Operations Councilors, with 4 alternate councilors.

Proposals Under Vote

Voting for Block Chain Institute national activity

Voting for the Portuguese ambassador applied for the community award.

Voting for Chinese community content contribution.

Proposals Under Operating

The proposal of the Campaign of Ambassadors

The proposal of Voting the Top Contributors

The proposal of Community Surveillance

The proposal of West Business Plan

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