NULS Bi-Monthly Report

Technical Progress

2. NULS Completed the functions of wallet code scanning transactions, code scanning login, and code scanning backup, and it has been updated to the test network. After the test is completed, it will be updated to the main network.

3. USDI was released and promoted in NULS west communities.

4. The UI and background design of the new version of Chain Factory is being completed.

5.NULS continues developing the DEX, the backend has been completed and the user interface is under development with most of the page development.

6. The mobile terminal for USDI is under development.

NULS Technical Community Progress (NTC and CCC)

Business & Community Progress and Events

2. On December 5th 2019, China Electronics and Information Industry Development Institute ( CCID Research Institute) released the 15th CCID Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index, which comprehensively considers and ranks 35 well-known public chains in the world from a technical perspective. NULS holds fourth place again. Ranked fourth in the global public chain and second in domestic public chains for three consecutive periods.

3. On December 14th 2019, NULS co-founder Reaper was invited to join in the Digital Economy and Blockchain Technology Application seminar. This seminar invites well-known experts, blockchain companies, leading universities, research institutions and other participants to share the experience of digital economy and blockchain technology application development, in order to promote Chongqing digital economy and blockchain technology application innovations.

Global Progress

2. On December 1st 2019, NULSTAR Fabricio published information about NULS participation in the third E.E Science Fair in Brazil. Students of various ages and their teachers presented to the community work done during the year. NULS attended a booth where students learned about technology and sustainability.

3. On December 3rd 2019, NULS joined entered a strategic partnership with asset management platform TROY, which was incubated by BlockVC.

4. On December 3rd 2019, NULS community member Nalex tweeted NULs transaction data for November.

5. On December 5th 2019, MASTER OF NODES reported NULS mainnet V2.2.0 release.

6. On December 9th 2019, NULS Twitter released, the 15th ranking of the CCID Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index where NULS continued to hold the fourth position.

7. On December 10th 2019, NULS was listed on Brazil exchange NovaDAX.

8. On December 11th 2019, Brazil’s NovaDAX exchange and NULS planned a promotion event in Brazil: How to Win 10 NULS? As of December 16, there are 216 participants in total. The deadline for the event is 23:59 on December 23.

9. On December 12th 2019, Cointelegraph released the top ten dynamic rankings where NULS was positioned fourth for three consecutive periods.

10. On December 12th 2019. NULSTAR George Pro joined in the Ghana local blockchain conference .

Community Governance Updates and Progress

  1. On December 5th 2019. the vote for NCG20191119 Block Chain Institute national activity ended, and it was not passed.
  2. On December 5th 2019, the vote for NCG20191120 Contributor Role — Community Lead — Community Funding Proposal ended. And it was passed.
  3. On December 5th 2019, the vote for NCG20191122NULS Chinese community content contribution proposal ended and it was passed.
  4. On December 5th 2019, NULS African Community Ambassador released work report.

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