NULS Bi-Monthly Update — 2nd Half of July

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Upgrade of the main network from NULS 1.0 to NULS 2.0 will soon be underway. The upgrade has been carried out on the testnet, with release of v1.3.0-beta version on NULS 1.0. Currently, the NULS 1.0 testnet has stopped packaging transactions at the 2205062 block height, and the NULS 2.0 test network has been launched.

Design and review of the community governance model used primarily for council selection and voting on community proposals has been completed and is currently at the UI design stage.

Design and review for POCM has been completed. This solution is mainly used to support the use of NULS to mine tokens for new projects, and is currently at the UI design stage.

To ensure the improvement of cooperation efficiency and fairness of NTC (original CCC), the NULS technical community governance charter has been designed after discussion within NTC. The charter will be published in the form of NIP for discussion in the community before a vote is initialized.

The core team members Zhou Wei, Li Chao, Lan Jinsheng and Tan Bolang have joined the NTC (formerly CCC).

NULS 2.0 code has been optimized to improve stability and performance, and to prepare for NULS 2.0 beta2 (the future testnet of NULS2.0). Maven archetype, a platform for smart contract development, will be released with NULS 2.0 beta2 after successful development and testing.

1. NTC (NULS Technology Community) Progress

CCC studied and discussed a reform program. This program is designed upon the future development direction of the NULS community and, the current situation of the NULS technology community. In the future, there will be a core organization in the NULS community named CCC, (Core Community Contributors). As a result of this discussion, the NULS technology community will restore its name back to NTC.

Adoption of the NTC name has been approved by the NULS technology community. The specific charter of NTC is being discussed publicly in the community.


Check the NTC working progress here: Https://

2. Business & Community Events

Binance OTC Platform Supports NULS

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Binance OTC trading platform added NULS support in January 2019. Binance OTC allows users to trade large amounts of NULS and provides a high-quality, secure OTC trading experience with instant pricing, and a simple, fast settlement process. Please join the Binance OTC Telegram group at:, or send an email to for more information.

NULS Launches NULStar Recruitment Program

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The NULStar recruitment program has been launched to further promote the development of the NULS ecosystem, and to increase awareness of NULS.

NULStars are expected to continuously promote the NULS ecosystem growth and have been given the authority, flexibility and independence to provide perpetual motion for NULS by driving the continuous iteration of NULS, and aggregating global resources.

NULS Core Team Hosted An AMA for the Community

On July 19, NULS core team CEO Liesa Huang, angel investor Lin Yang, and co-founder Reaper Ran, hosted an online AMA for the NULS community on the official community forum.

NULS African Ambassador Visited the NULS Core Team

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On July 22, NULS African Ambassador, Sebastien (third from right) and his partner, Krishna (third from left) visited NULS Core Team in China. Together, the group held an in-depth discussion with NULS Co-founder and Community Operations Director, Reaper Ran, and Product Manager, Lou Pen.

DEX.Top Published an Article Explaining Why They Chose NULS

Dex.Top is a decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform based on smart contracts. The platform adopts the innovative ROC (Replayed On Chain) trading mechanism that leverages the synchronized off-chain and on-chain ledgers enabling instant trading with ultimate security. Dex.Top is committed to providing the most secure, instant, and low-cost trading experience to users.

Dex.Top has posted a proposal on the NULS community forum to apply for community funds from the NULS Foundation, and will buy 20,000 NULS from the secondary market to participate in node consensus. hopes to get full support from the NULS community members to activate the Dex.Top node.

Dex.Top has launched the “Public Chain 50 Program”, which will carefully select 50 public chains to provide exchanges, wallets, and app stores to build a whole public chain ecosystem.
Users can enjoy the integrated services of storage, transaction and trading of NULS-based assets in a collaborative wallet to bring more quality projects in the NULS ecosystem to life.

Samos Explains Why They Chose NULS Over Polkadot and Cosmos

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Samos was created in 2017 as blockchain solution supplier, and mainly customizes blockchain solutions for enterprises and businesses. Samos has embraced NULS 2.0, and will make it a key recommendation to provide total blockchain solutions.

On July 19, 2019, the vote for the NULS Quarterly Community Contributor Award ended and failed to receive the 70% support needed to carry out the funding for winners. Liesa, NULS Core Team CEO, announced that she would personally fund the 500 NULS to reward the top five community members respectively, and to encourage outstanding contributors to continue to participate in the future.

NULS Ranked 4th Place on Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index by CCID (XIII)

On July 30, the CCID Research Institute under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the 13th CCID’s Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index and NULS ranked 4th place.

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Recently, NULS 2.0 launched the global public beta, along with the release of NULS ChainBox, a core chain-building product that allows users to build a chain in 10 minutes. NULS has always been highly active in developing and leading in public chain technology innovation and product iteration.

Overseas Media Shared CCID’s Ranking of NULS

NULS and BitSG Formed a Strategic Cooperation

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NULS has jointly developed a strategic cooperation plan with BitSG, a top blockchain service provider in Singapore. NULS and BitSG will cooperate to build out project use-cases centered around NULS as the platform of choice, with emphasis on project incubation, commercial application, and token circulation and economics.

NULS will provide complete technical solutions for BitSG customers and fulfill instant chain-building with customized business modules for high-quality projects. BitSG will provide complete business incubation support for NULS ecological projects, and will enhance the liquidity of tokens in the NULS ecosystem with the BitSG exchange.

The strong cooperation of NULS and BitSG will create a model of combining excellent technology with application implementation.

3. NIP & Proposal & Progress

On July 25, 2019, the voting on the proposal of NULS Community Russian Ambassador Campaign in Q3 ended and was approved, with Natali selected as the third quarter ambassador.

On July 24, 2019, Dex.Top created a proposal in the NULS community to join consensus with a NULS node, support the NULS main network ecosystem, and promote the NULS community construction through exchanges, wallets and applications. The proposal content has been approved after the discussion and has been put up for vote.

Voting link:


On July 26, 2019, the voting on the proposal of NULS Chinese Community Content Contribution in Q3 (continued) is in progress.

Link to the proposal:

Voting link:


On July 29, 2019, the NULS community launched a poll on the satisfaction of NULS 2.0 test network publicity.

Link to the publicity results:

Voting link:

On July 29, 2019, NULS Chinese Community member Xiaomai sponsored a vote on the rule selection of the NULS Supervisory Group. The NULS Supervisory Group aims to serve NULS ambassadors, proposal creators, NTC members, etc.

Link to supervisory group discussion:


Voting links:


On July 26, 2019, Koinmilyoner, a candidate for Turkish Ambassador in the NULS Community launched a draft proposal to become the Turkish Ambassador and create a NULS Community in Turkey.

Link to the proposal:


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