NULS Bi-Monthly Update — Welcome to NULS 2.0

Core Technical Progress

1. Completion POCM development for SCO capability. Ongoing testing and partners have been invited to participate in the testing phase.

2. Version 1.3.0 on NULS 1.0 mainnet was released and the protocol upgrade has been completed. NULS 1.0 mainnet will stop packaging transactions on the evening of September 11, 2019. NULS 2.0 mainnet will launch within the next 24 hours.

3. Performance and stability testing has been completed with the help of the community, version beta 3.2 was released to optimize the NULS 2.0 test network.

4. Smart contract functionality and UI design continues to be developed for the community governance product, and work continues on back-end development.

CCC Technical Progress

Please check the work reports of Code Craft Council HERE

Business and Community Progress

1 . On August 21, NULS Co-founder Reaper Ran attended the NOVA Staking & Cointelegraph Night Party alongside global industry leaders in Beijing.

2. A cooperative partnership was obtained between NULS community and Jieyi Technology

On August 22, Jieyi Technology joined in cooperation with NULS community for project resource sharing. The Nabox wallet will access the domain name service of Jieyi to help users achieve rapid functionality in deposits and withdrawals. The JieYi community is planning to increase the application scenario of Jieyi’s domain name and wallet usability in the future.

4. Staking2 Interview with HENA SCO project.

At 8 p.m. on August 23, Staking2 conducted a community AMA with the SCO project HENA — a smart-contract solution based on blockchain technology, namely a decentralized advertising dividend sharing system. HENA will carry out the digital asset issuance on NULS. Click here to read the transcript.

5. On August 26, VeriTAG reached a strategic cooperation with NULS at the Smart China Expo 2019.

China Smart Expo 2019 (CSE) was held in Chongqing, China. NULS was invited to participate in the exhibition to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with VeriTAG, and will build its blockchain on the NULS 2.0 platform.

6. SCO Lab conducted an online interview with OUR WORLD blockchain game.

On the evening of August 29, OUR WORLD conducted an online AMA with SCOLab and NULS community. The interview covered many areas in its marketing layout, game development, SCO planning and other aspects of the project. The activity was hosted by NULS co-founder Reaper Ran, and presented by Jeremy, the head of OWD International Market & Community.

7. Lian ShiJie interviewed Reaper Ran on the topic of “SCO: Redefining Asset Issuance”. The emergence of the SCO which will redefine the way assets are issued. Recently, Lian ShiJie interviewed Reaper Ran, co-founder of NULS, to further explain the SCO as a gateway of the Staking 2.0 era.

8. Reaper Ran was invited to join O-link in Chengdu.

On August 30, Odaily held the O-link City Summit in Chengdu. Reaper Ran, co-founder of NULS, was invited to attend and join the roundtable discussion. The topic of discussion centered around the questions about Bitcoin dominance of the cryptocurrency market and what comes next.

Overseas Events

  1. At 21:00 to 22:00 on August 20, Liesa, NULS Core Team CEO and Coin98 presented a live AMA on their Vietnamese Facebook group. More than 100 people were online and actively interacted with Liesa and raised over 40 tough questions.

2.The Vietnamese website BITCOINBD.ORG published a review article on the NULS project, covering many aspects related to NULS. To view this article please click Here

3. On August 21, the first NULS meet-up was held in Silicon Valley. TryCrypto and other blockchain projects attended to get more information about the SCO model. Several projects have already started development using NULS ChainBox.

Western PR and Marketing Focused on the SCO

Austin-online: The Chinese Blockchain Industry Issues a Warm Welcome to SCO Labs. Read Here

The CW WBCB: SCO, as a brand new way of issuing assets on the chain, introduces external ecological projects and users into the ecosystem. Read Here

Erienewsnow: SCO breaks the relatively closed situation of the staking economy of POS public chains. Read Here SCO can eliminate the “bad coin” that gains money mainly by cheating. Read Here

Digitaljournal: The SCO is the ultimate model, which will bring about a big explosion. Read Here SCO is an efficient way to select quality projects. Read Here

Satoshinakamoto blog: SCO has pushed staking to a new level and integrated the whole ecosystem. Read Here

Community Council and Governance Progress

1. NULStar sponsored a proposal for supporting Xfans’ expenses in promoting NULS. The proposal has been put to a vote after discussion. Register your vote here

2. The Russian Ambassador of NULS Community issued their August work report here.

3. The Council discussed the business plan and budget proposal for Western operations. The Council said they support this idea, but it was not a good time to spend a large amount of NULS at the current stage. They will launch a vote for the community to vote. Read the West Proposal Here

4. The distribution of community funds is online. Click here to view.

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