NULS Bimonthly Report - Second Half of April

5 min readMay 7, 2020

Technological Progress

NDEX was tested within the NULS NTC,some testing and feedback were collected and improvements made.
Nabox interface was optimized and modified, improving the response speed.
NDEX explorer was in the testing phase. The first round of testing was completed, and some bugs were fixed.
Development of Nerve explorer and wallet was completed with the help of NULS NTC, and it is about to enter the testing phase.
NTC system was optimized to include a bounty program. Part-time developers can now receive rewards for completing.

Progress of NULS CCC

Progress of Business and Community

April 16th 2020
Nicole, the Chinese ambassador of NULS, completed an AMA in the Chinese Wechat Group. She shared her plans for her second quarter, and what NULS means to her.
 The details of the AMA

April 16th 2020
OKchain, a global public chain exchange which was independently developed by OKex, announced that it is 100% open source. Also announcing that NULS, Nerve and other projects have joined its ecosystem.

April 21st 2020
NULS and the Blockchain Research Institute invited Berzeck, (founder of the NULS ecological project Nerve Network) to participate in an AMA. The theme being, "a better understanding of cross-chain.”
More detail about the AMA
April 27th 2020
NULS community voted on the top 5 contributors of Q1:
@白强:842137 votes; Voting Rate:25.89%
@Danail Stefanov:706817 votes;Voting Rate:21.73%
@Viriato:701265 votes; Voting Rate:21.56%
@李宁:501255 votes;Voting Rate:15.41%
@imam_san:492426 votes;Voting Rate:15.14%
Voting detail

April 28th 2020
To thank the NULS community for supporting them,NerveNerwork announced they plan an airdrop to NULS holders. A snapshot will be taken of the NULS main network at height 2620000(about July 12th,2020). The airdropped assets will be allocated directly to the respective NULS addresses.
More details

April 29th 2020
CoinPay invited Berzeck, the founder of NerveNetwork to an AMA. The theme being, “New DeFi Infrastructure — Reality and Vision of Nerve, a Heterogeneous Cross-Chain Project”

NULS community activated a new forum.

Community councillor Reaper collected some basic information and useful links for NULS.

NULS community ambassadors meeting held.
 Minutes of the meeting.

Global Progress

April 16th 2020
NULS began testing the integration for the Finexbox exchange.

April 19th 2020 
NULS exceeded 50 Million tokens being staked on the network. Equivalent to 52.5% of the total circulating supply. Stakers can choose to be rewarded in NULS node or SCO Lab project tokens.

April 20th 2020
Cointelegraph reported NULS has been teaching “Blockchain in Business Lab,” courses at Portland State University.

April 22nd 2020
Berzerk, (founder of NerveNetwork) teases the new DEX.

April 23rd 2020
Well know youtuber, Wendy O, made a video discussing NULS Foundation helping to integrate college blockchain courses.

April 23rd 2020
NTC member Nalex discusses NULS Chainbox.

April 23rd 2020
HackCrypto hosts a NULS giveaway.

April 24th 2020
Well known Youtuber DOMSCRYPTO reported on NULS and its streamlining of blockchain solutions.

April 24th 2020
NULS introduced Chainfactory, which allows you to build a blockchain that meets your unique needs with minimum coding ability.

April 25th 2020
NULS introduced the SCO platform that allows projects to use smart-contracts to issue and distribute project tokens on blockchains.

April 27th 2020
Youtuber coverage on NULS

April 28th 2020
NTC member Nalex created a video thanking NULS community for supporting NerveNetwork. NULS will be airdropping 1 NVT for every 10 NULS you hold during the snapshot.

April 29th 2020
NTC member Nalex posted information about NULSTAR, a micro-service management platform developed by NULS Code Craft Council. Its main job is to manage various modules based on the microservice architecture.

April 30th 2020
NULS announced involvement in a COVID relief charity festival.

April 30th 2020
In celebration of the Bitcoin halving event, $NULS and $NVT are hosting a giveaway.

April 30th 2020
Community Member Danail posted an article answering the questions, “What is Blockchain? What is Bitcoin? What is Cryptocurrency? What is NULS?”

April 30th 2020
Huobi Global posted an overview of each of the halving tokens for 2020. NULS was included in the list due to its monthly reward reduction.
More detail

Community Governance

1.NULS community top contributors first quarter of 2020 voting ended, and a total of 5 contributors were elected
The voting detail
2. NULS community councilor Aurora posted NULStar plan. Please join to discuss.
more detail
3. NULS Mauritius and South Africa ambassador’s election proposal were submitted, and the voting concluded on May 2, 2020.
The detail of voting
4.NULS Chinese Community Content Contribution Proposal 2020 Q2 was submitted, and the voting deadline is May 2, 2020.
Voting detail




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