NULS Brand Upgrade Signals Growth, New Momentum to Developer Community

2 min readMay 1, 2021

Today, NULS launched its new identity platform. This new revitalized identity signals to stakeholders, its developer community, and customers the significant progress made over the past year.

NULS is an open-source, enterprise-grade, adaptive blockchain platform that offers fast-track business solutions for developers. Featuring microservices, smart contracts, cross-chain interoperability, and instant chain-building, NULS sets a new industry standard in streamlining blockchain adoption.

NULS’ recent successes include completing cross-chain development with Binance, and new partnerships with Chainlink, and Morpheus Labs.

“We wanted to better tell our unique story, vision, values, and our strategic advantages to our expanding developer community and prospective customers,” said Patric Vogel, VP of Brand Management for NULS. Patric explained, “The refinement in our logo reflects our recent heritage of innovation. It shows the forward-looking promise of our platform, which allows developers to easily create innovative blockchain and DeFi applications using our microservices architecture development platform.”

NULS’s new tagline is “Making It Easier To Innovate,” and it speaks to developers and software architects directly. “Our new tagline speaks to our promise for delivering a microservices architecture blockchain platform designed to help our customers rapidly prototype, design, and innovate new blockchain solutions.” Patric stated, “It’s all about ease of use and enhancing their development creativity and capability while making it easier to find bugs, code in parallel with cross-functional teams, and scale-up.”

“Developers are architects in their own right. Their work is similar to building innovative world-class skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa or One World Trade Center,” continued Patric.

“We were inspired by these beautiful construction innovations and wanted to tell a story using this thematic metaphor. With NULS the developer does not adapt his ideas to the technology, the NULS technology adapts to the developer. The developer is now free to innovate and build world-class blockchain products. NULS is the perfect solution.”

NULS’s website can be found at, and a copy of their new storybook brochure can be downloaded HERE.

The best way to get involved with NULS is to join in!

For more information about NULS, visit and join the conversation on Telegram or Reddit. Make sure to follow NULS on Twitter for the latest news and updates. You can also follow us on other socials such as Facebook, Steemit and GitHub.

NULS Making It Easier To Innovate




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