NULS ChainBox Allows Universal Access To Easy to Blockchain Development

4 min readNov 12, 2020


Gone are the days when blockchain could be developed by a select group of programmers who were the only ones to understand all the intricacies of a technology whose concept has always seemed more complicated than it is. Today, even though blockchain developers are still in high demand, it would be inaccurate to say that there is a shortage of experts.

The best way to learn how a blockchain works is to build one. You can do it even if you have basic programming knowledge. Thanks to ChainBox, a tool offered by NULS, one can easily develop and test blockchain networks and applications. The solution is ideal for those who want to jump-start their blockchain developer career or business requiring quick and adaptable blockchain applications without the need to create the entire architecture from scratch.

For the sake of context, NULS is an open-source blockchain that provides business solutions for developers. It has a modular architecture that enables enterprises, individuals and other entities to build new chains using ready-made parts. The adaptive platform features smart contracts, microservices, cross-chain interoperability, and instant chain-building.

What Is ChainBox?

ChainBox is an out-of-the-box solution that enables developers to build new chains without having direct blockchain programming experience. NULS users can build and use the solution for free. Yes, that’s right, free.

ChainBox is one of NULS’ flagship products. NULS uses ChainBox for its own development, and attributes it’s modular design to their time-to-market success. Along with Chain Factory — that utilizes the components of ChainBox to build a tailored finished blockchain solution — and POCM (Proof of Credit Mining) — a platform that enables projects to create self-funding opportunities and distribute their own tokens on the NULS production blockchain.

But that’s not all. ChainBox enables users to build a blockchain development platform to create new blockchain functions or a blockchain application by creating and merging six basic ingredients for a functional blockchain, including Ledger, Accounts, Transactions, Blocks, Consensus, and Network.

You can start and stop modules such as Account to accommodate parallel performance requirements. When you have more than one module of the same type, you can instruct how you want to balance the load. Modules can even be tested and updated while the blockchain is running.

Best of all, developers building new chains with this solution are not required to understand more complex concepts, such as consensus mechanisms, encryption algorithms, distributed data storage mechanisms, and point-to-point transmission. Developers can focus on programming customized business modules or new/enhanced blockchain protocols. The characteristics of the modules can be enhanced. For example, you may want accounting control for private blockchains. With ChainBox it’s now easy to enhance the existing protocol by modifying consensus, or by writing a new protocol.

Why Use ChainBox?

ChainBox uses the architecture of NULS blockchain to enable the creation of new chains that can meet development and educational requirements and interact with other networks. Developers can use ChainBox to create functional and customized blockchain applications while focusing on the use cases rather than the complex technology.

The use cases of ChainBox include but are not limited to:

  • Development and testing new/enhanced blockchain protocols and blockchain applications aimed at the small to large, and enterprise space.
  • Creation of blockchains for educational purposes. Students can examine how a blockchain functions.
  • Developers can get introduced to the blockchain realm and eventually maybe start a career in the space. ChainBox provides ready-made examples that can help developers build a business application.

ChainBox reflects the goal of NULS 2.0, which aims to become a blockchain development platform that enables businesses to interact with other blockchains and create newly thought applications. The solution comes with the following features:

  • Quick set up development environment;
  • Ready-made examples to enable a quick and convenient process of application development.

In conclusion most businesses may prefer to have their own private blockchains the same way they have internal websites today. A relevant and functional blockchain can become their calling card, so the interest in developing intuitive DLT solutions will only grow as the technology goes mainstream. NULS is at the forefront of the major trend of adopting blockchain for transparency and automation, and ChainBox is an invaluable asset to achieve this goal.

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