NULS Community Ambassador Campaign Progress: The USA Ambassador is far ahead, with Portugal and Spain Ambassadors chasing closely!

On December 5, 2018, the NULS community opened a campaign to vote for Ambassadors participating in the current election in accordance to executed rules NCG_20181114. The current poll has reached 7,662,147 votes out of the goal of 25,30,012.35 NULS. This was the first time the Ambassador’s campaign was held using the NULS web wallet dApp, so the vote was extended for an additional five days. At present, the voting time is about halfway complete. The NULS Ambassador’s campaign is of historic significance for the NULS community governance to gradually move towards community autonomy.

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The duty of a NULS Ambassador is to help NULS develop local and regional communities, share information with high-frequency exchanges in their respective regions, ensure that the project development information is smooth with clear goals, and to help the global community work together for the global vision of NULS. Therefore, we encourage all members of the NULS community to vote for valuable Ambassadors around the world. Community voting is the right of all NULS holders, and all community decisions are closely related to the future development of NULS. We hope that everyone will continue to pay attention to the Ambassadors’ future development plans and past achievements.

We recommend that all community members think carefully and consider their votes for Ambassadors comprehensively, taking into account personal enthusiasm, contributions to NULS, future plans, language distribution, community distribution, and the environments in which blockchain will quickly develop. According to the needs of the NULS community, we hope to select the best NULS Ambassadors that are most optimal for the continued development and growth of the NULS community worldwide.

The 10 Ambassadors in this campaign have made many contributions to NULS and they are all great candidates for the position. However, according to the Ambassador’s election rules, we can only have 4 Ambassadors elected in the present running. If your candidate is not elected, we hope that everyone will continue to actively contribute to the community. In the next election, we anticipate that there will be even more candidates and more Ambassadors.

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So far, the US Ambassador has reached a large part of the community’s support and remains ahead of other Ambassadors. The U.K. Ambassador continues to canvass the community, and the two competing Australian Ambassadors have not yet been outdone. Yesterday, we saw the emergence of the Russian Ambassador, ranking in the top four. Today, the Portuguese Ambassador and the Australian Ambassadors are gaining. The campaign has been exciting for the community and we hope that in the second half of the election, everyone will continue to work hard and highlight their contributions. We look forward to witnessing the success of the Ambassadors all the way up to the last minute!

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