NULS Community Briefing

First Half of November 2021

  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Other News
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  1. Assist NTC to upgrade Nerve Page Wallet ,cross chain bridges now supports the chain asset as the cross chain transaction fees.
  2. Assist NTC to optimized NerveBridge, speed up the transaction confirming.
  3. Partnered with SwapBox, and SwapBox will support cross-chain swap functions.


Nov 1st — Nov 15th: NULS ecosystem partner NerveNetwork has built cross chain bridges for, XTMCSWAP, Zinaricoin, Polker Game, Alpha Kombat, Ariva, Promodio, KingDefi, The UFO token, NutBox to NULS, Heco, BSC, Ethereum, Polygon.

Collaboration & Trading

Nov 4th. CryptoCard, a NFT project from BSC announced partnership with NULS and there were a NFT Airdrops campaign!

Other News

Nov 2nd. Nulswap, developed by NULS community members, will be launched soon and Nulswap will be accessible in Nabox wallet.

Community Governance

Felipee Lligon submitted a Brazil ambassador proposal and spoke about his plan to attract companies and people into the NULS/NERVE community.

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