NULS Community Briefing

First Half of November 2021

  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Other News
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  1. POCM updated on NULS main net, we optimized the UI and some function.
  2. Assist NTC to upgrade Nerve Page Wallet ,cross chain bridges now supports the chain asset as the cross chain transaction fees.
  3. Assist NTC to optimized NerveBridge, speed up the transaction confirming.
  4. Partnered with SwapBox, and SwapBox will support cross-chain swap functions.


Nov 1st — Nov 15th: NULS ecosystem partner NerveNetwork has built cross chain bridges for, XTMCSWAP, Zinaricoin, Polker Game, Alpha Kombat, Ariva, Promodio, KingDefi, The UFO token, NutBox to NULS, Heco, BSC, Ethereum, Polygon.

Nov 3th. NULS team has raised $5000 worth of NULS and additional $1270 worth of tokens from our SCO project. Total prize pool reached to $6270! Let’s wait and see who will be the final winners!

Nov 5th. DAOI joined NULS POCM platform. DAO1 is an all-inclusive community-led socio-economic Blockchain architecture fuelled by DAO1 tokens. Welcome on board!DAO1.

Nov 6th. Volterra joined our SCO platform. Volterra aims to innovate the norms that exist in the decentralized ecosystem, which focuses on a realistic approach rather than the system occupied. Welcome Volterra!

Nov 7th. KnightMonster joined our POCM platform! Welcome on board!

KnightMonster is a GameFi and NFT platform deployed on Polygon network.

Nov 7th. NULS Stake-A-Thon competition has ended, the winners are being collected and the rewards will be sent within a week.

Collaboration & Trading

Nov 4th. CryptoCard, a NFT project from BSC announced partnership with NULS and there were a NFT Airdrops campaign!

Nov 9th. This month of NULS ecosystem staking ROI charts released. Including stake on the main net, POCM platform, NerveNetwork, and other blockchain such as BSC, Heco, OEC. Stake in some of our POCM projects bings high profits, such as GGTK, SMG, KTLYO, VNT.

Nov 10th, BSC project Coinswap listed NULS-BUSD LP to min COINS.

10th Nov NULS announced a partnership with with zkTube.

zkTube is a Layer2 mining protocol by adopting zero-knowledge proof to having innovation on prover-decentralized design for lower energy consumption.

9th Nov, NULS ecosystem NerveNetwork added KCC to the cross chain net work, users can now transfer both assets freely between chains.

10th Nov, NULS ecosystem NerveNetwork added Harmony to the cross chain net work, users can now transfer both assets freely between chains.

10th Nov, NULS ecosystem NerveNetwork added Polygon to the cross chain net work, users can now transfer both assets freely between chains.

Other News

Nov 2nd. Nulswap, developed by NULS community members, will be launched soon and Nulswap will be accessible in Nabox wallet.

Nov 5th, NULS ambassador from Portugul, had a conversation with a famous youtuber — Voepater

Nov 6th NULS ecosystem project NFTCircle has announced an IDO on Daostarter and Dfistarter on Nov 13th

Nov 8th This week of Crypto Corner NULS had two guest from EinsteinToken, which are Mikel Fray and John Verosha. Oleksii Herasdymchyk from 8bit was cohosting with Kathy from NULS. Review the conversation on #NULS youtube channel.…

Nov 9th. NULS invited CoinSwap, hosted an AMA in NULS telegram group. 10 lucky ones from the comments who leaves a question, each will be rewarded with 10 USD.

Nov 9th. NULS ecosystem DeFi projects are blooming. Nulswap, NIFTY FUSE, NFTCircle…and more!!

Nov 15th NULS ecosystem Nabox wallet announced that AirBox will be launched soon. AirBox is a DApp for collecting airdrops.

Community Governance

Felipee Lligon submitted a Brazil ambassador proposal and spoke about his plan to attract companies and people into the NULS/NERVE community.

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