NULS Community Briefing

Second Half of February 2023 / ENULS Ecosystem DApps are being Integrated

4 min readMar 5


  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Launched ENULS main net, and optimized it according to the latest community feedback and main net performance.
  • ENULS technical documents prepared.
  • Assisted NTC to optimize the asset inquiry feature of NerveNetwork.


February 19, NULS announced that AlveyChain would join the NULS POCM platform soon. AlveyChain is a decentralized blockchain with a proof-of-stake consensus model.

February 27, NULS announced that Shibtools would join the NULS POCM platform soon. Shibtools provides decentralized services such as a multi-chain launchpad, staking pool, etc.

Collaboration & Trading

February 16, Math Wallet announced to officially support the ENULS mainnet.

February 16, the first ENULS ecosystem cross-chain bridge NerveBridge has successfully deployed.

February 16, to celebrate the integration of ENULS mainnet on Math Wallet, the two parties jointly carried out an airdrop campaign on Twitter, giving away $500 worth of NULS tokens.

February 16, NULS ecosystem wallet, Nabox, announced that CORE network has been integrated.

February 16, NULS joined forces with Nabox, Mathwallet, Coinhub, ONTO, Wormhole3, and other ENULS ecosystem partners for a Twitter Space event, themed on the whole ENULS ecosystem development.

February 17, NULS ecosystem wallet, Nabox, announced that ENULS blockchain has been integrated.

February 19, SwapBox, a multi-chain aggregation platform developed by Nabox Wallet, completed its deployment on ENULS network.

February 21, Coinhub Wallet has supported ENULS blockchain.

February 20, Web3 curation platform Wormhole3 reached strategic cooperation with NULS, and deployment on the ENULS has been completed.

February 20, NULS and BKEX Labs investment institution reached cooperation. BKEX Labs will provide support for projects built within NULS/ENULS from investment and community dimensions.

February 20, the NULS domain service developed by the NULS ecosystem NFT Marketplace, NFTCircle, was officially launched.

February 21, NULS made an announcement that NULS has joined the Hong Kong Blockchain Association in 2018.

February 21, NULS and its ecosystem wallet, Coinhub, launched a joint airdrop. After completing related tasks, there will be a chance for participants to share 3,500 NULS.

February 22, NULS and Battle Brown reached strategic cooperation. Battle Brawn is a Blockchain card game that will be deployed on ENULS network soon.

February 22, NULS ecosystem cross-chain bridge NerveBridge DApp has been listed on DeFi Lamma platform.

February 23, NULS brought a Tutorial “How to interact with ENULS ecosystem projects and earn Airdrop Interactive ” to the Math Wallet community.

February 23, NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol, NerveNetwork partnered with Nabox and Celestial, launched a joint airdrop for BAB token holders.

February 24, NULS ecosystem staking platform, NerveFarm, launched NABOX-NULS LP mine pool where users can stake NULS-NABOX LP to mine NULS.

Enter stake:

February 24, NULS and AC Capital reached a strategic cooperation agreement. AC Capital will continuously provide support for NULS/ENULS ecosystem projects, from investment and community dememsions.

February 24, NULS released a tutorial “How to deposit multi-chain stablecoins USDT and USDC into the ENULS network”. (CN)

February 24, a multichain liquidity aggregator, SwapBox, started a NULS-NABOX LP mining pool, users can stake NABOX-NULS LP on SwapBox L2 farm to earn NULS assets.

Enter stake:

February 25, NULS ecosystem DeFi platform NerveSwap has been listed on DeFi Lamma.

February 27, NULS POCM DApp has been listed on DeFi Lamma platform.

February 28, NULS Brazil Ambassador Felipe shared a video of the NULS ecosystem GameFi project HerosBattleArena on his YouTube channel.

In February 2023, NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol NerveNetwork completed the cross-chain integration for EthereumPoW, Kava Network.

In February 2023, NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol NerveNetwork built bridges for MPY, wALV, etc.


Community Governance

  • NULS community director Reaper updated the “NCG20220622 NULS Community Ecosystem Incentive Proposal” in the new forum, and the proposal is being conducted.
  • NULS Portuguese community Lead Cristinh0 released a monthly work report from October 2022 to January 2023.
  • NULS ambassadors from Portugal, Turkey, Brazil and India released work reports for February 2023.

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