NULS Community Briefing

First half of December in 2021

  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Partnership
  • Other News
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  1. NULS mainnet nodes were upgraded. Upgrade benefits include improved cross-chain stability.
  2. Nerve mainnet nodes were upgraded. Upgrade benefits include improved cross-chain stability and adjusted staking weights of different assets.
  3. Optimized the NerveBridge DApp asset selecting page to adjust the logic of asset sorting.


Dec 1st to Dec 15th: NerveBridge, NULS ecosystem partner, has created cross-chain bridges for MBOX, CEEK, EFI, GMX, FUSE.

Dec 9th: NULS announced VuFi will join NULS SCO platform.

VuFi is an algorithmic elastic supply stable-coin that aims to introduce more stability in cryptocurrency markets for the average user. Welcome! VuFi.

Dec 10th: NULS announced EchangyExchange will join NULS SCO platform.

Echangy is a fully decentralized cross-chain swap protocol, with automated pricing and liquidity system. Welcome! EchangyExchange.

Dec 11th: NULS announced FarmYield_DeFi will join NULS SCO platform.

FarmYield is a digital farming platform on blockchain that provides the opportunity to rent farming land, machinery and labour to farm and earn profit. Welcome! FarmYield_DeFi.

Dec 15th: NULS announced LosPobres will join NULS SCO platform.

LosPobres will bring two NFT “Play to Earn” games plus a big ecosystem, containing Swaps, farms, stakes and a social media. The foundation of LosPobres is ‘Profit and Donate’. Welcome! LosPobres.

Collaboration & Partnership

Dec 3rd: NULS created a partnership with TakerSwap.

TakerSwap is a Layer2 Muti-chain AMM Lightning Swap Protocol built on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon.

Dec 3rd: Nabox, NULS ecosystem partner, has listed the NABOX Farm and Syrup Pool on pancakeSwap. Users can add/swap NABOX/BUSD (farm), or stake CAKE to earn NABOX (pool).

Dec 4th: NULS announces its collaboration with OxPay and veriTAG. The stable coins OxSGD and OxUSD are released on NULS mainnet, and the cross-chain testing has begun. We look forward to this great collaboration.

Dec 4th: Nulswap, a DeFi developed by NULS community members, announced that NFTCircle will be listed on Nulswap.

Dec 6th: NFTCircle launch their NFT marketplace. The first NFT marketplace on NULS has been launched!

Dec 6th, NULS ecosystem partner NerveNetwork hosted a collaboration airdrop with TakerSwap. 20 lucky people will be selected to share $100 USDT+ $100 NVT

Dec 7th: Nulswap, a DeFi project developed by NULS community members, announced that NiftyFuse will be listed on Nulswap.

Dec 9th: Nabox, NULS ecosystem partner, was listed on Channels Finance, a DiFi project deployed on BSC. Users could stake NABOX/BUSD to earn CAN.

Dec 10th, NULS ecosystem partner NerveNetwork hosted a collaboration airdrop with Nabox and DNFTProtocol. There will be 20 lucky winners selected to share 2000 DNFT+200000 NABOX+ 1000 NVT.

Other News

Dec 3rd: NULS value jumped dramatically worldwide. In Brazil, NULS was the second largest trading coin on NovaDAX

Dec 3rd: NULS announced DeFi and NFT projects are being built on the NULS blockchain, such as Nulswap, NiftyFuse, and NFTCircle.

Dec 4th: NULS was one of the top 3 weekly gainers!

Dec 12th: NULS anniversary NFTs have been sent to the Nabox & Chair & KAKA & NULS Winners.

Dec 13th: The fourth phase of the OKEx Earn Year-End Campaign begins at 03:00 am UTC on December 14, 2021. It is hosted by OKEx exchange. Users can stake NULS/NEO/NEAR/LAT/TRX for a listed high APR.

Dec 13th, a new version of NULS mainnet (v2.10.0) was released, the protocol will take effect when 80% of the nodes complete the update.

Dec 14th: NerveNetwork, NULS cross-chain partner, released its mainnet node update. The new update will take effect on 2021 Dec 17th 8:00(UTC+8). The update includes support for the blockchains Cronos, Avalanche, Arbitrum, and Fantom.

Dec 14th, a famous blockchain media ChainCatcher published an article about NerveNetwork called《NerveNetwork mainnet consensus combined with AMM protocol opens a new playground for DeFi》

In the article they explained the most recent updates on Nerve mainnet and Nerve’s cross-chain technology.

Dec 15th, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol NerveNetwork announced a new version of NerveBridge. All the front-end service on Nerve products will be temporarily shut down, it was suggested that users shall not use any crosschain service during the maintenance.

Maintenance Time:Dec 17th 10:00- 16:00(UTC+8)

Community Governance

  1. Turkey ambassador Koinmilyoner submitted his proposal for his 2022 Q1 term. Voting for his proposal ends 2021–12–21.

Voting :

2. Congratulations! Felipe Henrique the Brazil NULS Ambassador for 2022 Q1.

Proposal :


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