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Modular and Bitcoin Layer2 awaits NULS in the Future

4 min readApr 1, 2024
  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Assisted NTC in cross-chain implementation.
  • Assisted NTC in improving the BTC cross-chain function.
  • Optimized the stability of NULS public services.
  • Assisted NTC in testing the new version of NerveNetwork.


March 19, the NULS SCO staking platform reactivation is in process! There will be more projects onboarding shortly. Currently, NULS holders can delegate their NULS to earn over 15% APR.

March 19, Future Edge Technologies, our new SCO partner, was activated on the SCO staking platform. Users can stake a minimum of 100 NULS to earn FETS token.

March 20, Our previous partner Janus Network, who has been active on the SCO staking platform for over 2 years, is now back on stage after a successful redeployment!

March 22, Mats Coin launched on NULS SCO staking platform. Users can now stake a minimum of 100 NULS to earn MATS.

March 26, Katalyo successfully relaunched on NULS SCO staking platform. Users can now stake a minimum of 100 NULS to earn $KTLY coin.

Collaboration & Trading

March 15, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol NerveNetwork has supported Mode Network, enabling assets to circulate between Mode and over 30 different blockchains, including NULS.

March 16, NULS ecosystem decentralized exchange Nulswap, is now deployed on Merlin Chain using NerveNetwork crosschain solution.

March 17, NULS Brazil ambassador published a video on YouTube explaining the Bitcoin layer2 solution based on NULS parallel chain and NULS ChainBox technology.

March 18, one of our NULS community members published an article on BinanceFeed Square about NULS and its current roadmap regarding the Bitcoin and Ethereum solution.

March 18, NerveBridge has supported BTC assets cross-chain into NerveNetwork. BTC-NVT LP staking will be available on Nerve mainnet sson!

March 19, it was announced by the NULS team that NULS Bitcoin layer2 module is being built within NULS ChainBox to scale the Bitcoin network.

March 19, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol NerveBridge supported Blast Network.

March 19, NULS trading volume on multiple decentralized exchanges was gaining significant growth! On Bitvavocom exchange, which mainly serves Europe investors, NULS hit to the top 3 by daily trading volume.

March 20, NULS ecosystem aggregator SwapBox supported ETH crosschain-swap for Blast Network.

March 21, NULS is calling for more ambassadors from worldwide! NULS The Ambassador Campaign 2024 Q2 is Now Live! The NULS Ambassadorship is our flagship program to support individuals who are passionate about NULS in their local regions.

Apply for NULS ambassador

March 23, according to BlockTalks, NULS was ranked in the Top 5 gainers on Binance exchange.

March 24, according to the crypto media “Satoshi Club”, NULS was ranked in the top 10 gainers of the day!

March 25, NULS ecosystem decentralized exchange Nulswap announced its upcoming product for lending & borrowing feature!

March 25, NULS ecosystem offers multiple staking options! Users can stake NULS on main net consensus to earn NULS, Stake on the SCO platform to earn project tokens, provide liquidity, and stake on NerveSwap, etc.

March 25, NULS announced a partnership with Gifto Wallet!

March 26, NULS partnered with Ivy Maker kicking off the soccer carnival. You can vote for soccer clubs in the UEFA Champions League knock-out stage and share the $1000 prize pool!

March 26, NULS ecosystem multichain wallet started the “ BNB Chain & opBNB Rainforest” campaign. Users who participate in the event will have a chance to share $5,200 rewards.

March 28, NULS announced a partnership with Suisse Blockchain, a regulatory-compliant Web3 launchpad based in Switzerland! The launchpad will be deployed in the NULS ecosystem in the future. Stay tuned!

March 28, NULS ecosystem parallel chain NerveNetwork’s multi-routing support ETH crosschain for Blast Network. With SwapBox, users can swap ETH assets across multiple networks.

March 28, one of the NULS community members published an article on BinanceFeed square, explaining the NULS blockchain modular design.

March 28, the NIP-9 proposal “Adding BTC/ ETH as the NULS main-net gas fee” has been passed. The 3,000 NULS giveaway has also been distributed to those who participated in the discussion & voting process.

In the 1st half of March, NULS ecosystem cross-chain bridge implemented bridges for MATS to achieve multichain interaction.

Community Governance

  • The NIP-9 proposal “Support BTC/ETH as NULS main-net gas fee” has been passed. The implementation is now in process.

  • NULS Turkey ambassador published a community proposal, requesting to increase the NULS amount on his ambassador nodes from 400k to 500k. The proposal is being voted on right now.

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