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First Half of August in 2022 / NULS is partnering with SuisseBlockchain

4 min readAug 18, 2022


  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Completed a new POCM feature that allows the locked part to be staked, and the new function has been released to the official environment.
  • Processed technical research of NULS EVM blockchain transformation.
  • Assisted NTC in optimizing the NerveBridge cross-chain transaction logic and improving the stability of cross-chain transactions.
  • Multi-signature DApp supported NRC20 assets management.


August 2, NULS SCO partner Bridge Oracle released a POCM staking mining tutorial on its official YouTube channel.

On August 8, Octium announced that it will soon join the NULS POCM platform. Octium is an innovative blockchain solution that brings programmability and interoperability to OCT Chain.

August 10, Pirateland announced that it will soon join the NULS POCM platform. Pirateland is a Metaverse+GameFi project that runs on Binance Smart Chain.

August 12, ERODES announced that it will soon join the NULS POCM platform. ERODES is a Play to Earn GameFi project.

August 15th, BrightyPad went activated on NULS POCM platform. BrightyPad is an integrated cross-chain ecosystem that introduces a brand new solution to launch and manage decentralized assets.

Stake a minimum of 100 NULS to earn BYP

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Collaboration & Trading

August 1, the NULS blockchain scan officially supports the NFT query features.

Nuls Scan

August 4th, NULS Brazilian Ambassador Felipe released a tutorial on the YouTube channel, that taught us how to use NULS multi-signature DApp to protect our assets.

Video link:

August 5, NULS and DeFiner reached a strategic partnership. NULS will go live on DeFiner’s lending market soon, and NULS Holder can deposit NULS to earn passive incomes.

August 5, NULS released the Medium article “NULS, 3 factors that trigger a FOMO”, the article listed some potential future development conditions of NULS from the most fundamental aspects.

August 8, NULS announced a strategic partnership with Suisse Blockchain and launched a 1000 NULS giveaway event!

August 9, CoinTelegraph, a well-known crypto media in the industry, reported the strategic cooperation between NULS and Sussie Blockchain.

August 9, NULS multi-signature DApp has now supported all NRC20 assets!


August 10, HyperCard, a product of HyperPay wallet, added NULS coin to one of its supported payments list. NULS holders can make payments in more than 176 countries and 50 million merchants around the world.

All you need to do is deposit NULS and convert them to any local currencies!

August 11, NULS joined hands with HyperPay and launched a joint airdrop!

By completing the Gleam tasks, you will be able to share 100 HyperCard virtual cards plus 1000 NULS!

Gleam task:

August 15, Piotr Herdzik, the CMO of Suisse Blockchain, presented as a guest at NULS’s weekly CryptoCorner, discussing how to incubate and develop blockchain projects under the local legal supervision and framework.

In the first half of August, NULS ecosystem cross-chain protocol NerveBridge implemented cross-chain bridges for BRANA, HAM, BYP, OCT, ERODE to achieve multi-chain interaction.

NerveBridge DApp link

In the first half of August, KCC-based lending protocol — OpenLeverage and OKC/BSC-based metaverse GameFi project Celestial supported Nabox wallet plugin.


Community Governance

PieceOfThePy, a member of the NULS community, initiated a NULS social media promotion proposal to apply for 390,000 NULS community funds as staking support.

The Proposal is currently under discussion.

Proposal details:

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