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NULS Rebranding and New Product Designing is in Progress

3 min readJun 3, 2024
  • Technical Progress
  • SCO
  • Collaboration & Trading
  • Community Governance

Technical Progress

  • Optimized some community products.
  • BTC/ETH implementation for NULS main-net gas fee is in progress.
  • Optimize the design and development of the official website.
  • Assisted NTC in completing Bitcoin cross-chain implementation for Nerve Network.


May 17, Judgement AI, an AI-powered foremost juridical platform, is now activated on NULS SCO staking platform. Stake a minimum of 100 NULS to earn JMTAI today.

May 30, a brief look at what the SCO platform has to offer today. Stake NULS to earn multiple project tokens, earn with no principal risks.

Select a project to start with:

Collaboration & Trading

May 16, given a few reasons why should you participate in the NULS SCO staking program.

May 17, NULS Brazil ambassador published a video on YouTube channel, introducing Suisse Blockchain, a Swiss-based regulated launchpad, to the NULS community.

May 17, NULS Turkey ambassador published an article on BinanceFeed square “Why NULS is one of the most potential altcoin to buy before the season spikes”.

May 17, NULS ecosystem wallet Nabox supported Bitlayer network assets and dapps.

May 19, New to the NULS ecosystem? We got you covered! Here are some of the most popular decentralized wallets that support NULS, which are Nabox Wallet, MathWallet Official, The ONTO Team wallet, FoxWallet Official wallet, etc.

May 21, NULS community contributor Maximus wrote an article about the recent exciting ecosystem development that took place with the NULS ecosystem.

May 21, the plugin version of Nabox Wallet has been supported by Neko Swap, a native rune built on Bitlayer network.

May 22, NULS and its SCO partner Judgement AI released a joint giveaway! Simply join the giveaway by engaging with the tweet to share 100 USD in JMTAI tokens.

May 22, NULS ecosystem wallet Nabox released a new version for all devices, including Andriod, iOS, and Google Chrome extension. Head down to the link to find more details.

May 22, NULS ecosystem wallet Nabox supported the Solana blockchain assets and dapps.

May 23, NULS community contributor Maximus published an article on BinanceFeed, explaining how NULS is fully geared up for the upcoming alt season!

May 23, Nabox Chrome Extension was supported by Macaron, a AMM swap built on Bitlayer network.

May 24, NULS ecosystem wallet Nabox received a grant from OneID foundation.

May 24, it was announced by REI Network that the REI-NVT LP mining program is still in progress on NerveFarm and SwapBox L2 farm.

NerveFarm :

SwapBox Farm:

May 24, NULS ecosystem parallel chain NerveNetwork had a mainnet update, the new content includes:

  • Fixed NVT_BTC LP price-feeding issue.
  • Bitcoin cross-out function is supported.
  • Added proposals to terminate heterogeneous chains.
  • Fixed network instability caused by consecutive swaps.

May 27, a partnership was announced between NULS and ChangSwap on Twiter. The collaboration aims to drive innovation and enhance the NULS DeFi ecosystem by leveraging the strengths of both platforms.

May 27, NULS ecosystem parallel chain NerveNetwork officially supported X Layer, a zk-evm layer2 solution backed by the OKX Exchange.

May 28, to celebrate the partnership between NULS and Asinx. Asinx offered 10 free MasterCards to the NULS community! Simply get engaged in the tweet to participate!

May 30, NULS BULS is on the events! A NULS ecosystem MEME coin BULS just participated in the NFC summit!

In the second half of May, NULS ecosystem crosschain protocol NerveBridge completed bridges for CGPT, JMTAI, DOGE6P, WNE to achieve multichain interaction.

Community Governance

  • The NULS community member ss044.eth’s ambassador proposal has been reviewed and successfully passed the vote.

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